The Silent Age: Episode One Screenshots

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Android version

The game recommends you play with headphones.
Title screen
Main menu
The game starts by showing the jobs Joe had through time.
Joe working as a cleaner.
Start of the first chapter
Rummaging through a small room.
Talking to the secretary to get to your boss.
Joe discovers a suspicious blood trail.
Conversation with the time traveler
Joe is questioned at the police station.
The interrogation marks the start of the second chapter.
It seems the old man is right: Joe can travel to the future.
You only meet dead people in the future.
Joe walks through the abandoned building.
There is a sword in the back, but it has been locked up.
Another destroyed room
Back in the present in the third chapter
A comparison of present and future: this is a location in the present ...
... and here it is in the future. Vines are blocking the doorway.
The seventies style is prevalent.
Another tasteful room
Start of the fourth chapter
Near the hospital
The dead bodies carry many items you can use.
Going through a desk's drawers.
Meeting the dead time traveler again.
Driving off into the night
Advertisement for the then upcoming second episode