Silent Hill 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu (after finishing the game once)
How the nightmare begins...
Before the game actually starts, you play a part through your nightmare, a part of your future.
Heather, female protagonist of the game.
It all started with an appearance of a strange detective that needed to speak with you (note that the shirt Heather's wearing can only appear once you've finished the game).
The strange red symbols mark places where you can save your game status.
Roaming through your inventory.
Escaping through the back window of the ladies' room.
Running through a tight back alley (hence blurred picture).
Heather's first confrontation with a monster.
Storage rooms are known to have so well needed supplies.
Once you kill some creature, it will stay there for as long as you play. No matter if new ones appear, the body count will just increase.
Unless you're playing on easy, watch out for stepping near the edges.
Your first boss fight will be with a familiar creature from the originator of the series.
The use of light will attract the monsters, but will also help you aim more precise.
Heather will doodle across the maps she'll have, so you'll always know if there's something of interest in any of the rooms.
Watch out for the trains in the subway. They appear when you least expect it.
Cinematics are very detailed, yet they don't seem to step out from the actual ingame graphic. Truth is, ingame graphic is that good, actually.
Entering your appartment. Keys are automatically used on locked doors.
Solving some puzzles.
Look, someone left handgun bullets on a bookstore counter.
Be prepared to meet very few but weird characters on their own.
Following the footsteps of your next target.
Heather, in her room.
Although in most of the rooms you'll be able to use 3D camera controls, some backgrounds will be there as static.
Claudia will be one intriguing character that you'll need to remember your connection with.
Alternate world is always much more gruesome than the normal one you're in, but accept you'll be in it a lot.
Town of Silent Hill will still look pretty much the same, foggy and very familiar, but with new creatures roaming the streets.
Driving towards the Silent Hill. Rain effects on a car are nicely done.
She just found a gun, and is already forced to use it
There are some handgun bullets on the counter
The P.I. who's been hired by Claudia to find you
Heather doesn't trust strangers so gullibly
Time of discoveries is at hand
Heather's father, Harry, the protagonist from the original game, has been murdered by one of the monsters
Time to head to the source of all this evil and put a stop to it
At the Silent Hill motel
Time to roll the credits... or is it?

Windows version

The main menu looks as crappy as in the rest of the series.
You know you're in a Silent Hill game when... your character holds a flashlight in his/her chest pocket. And the floor of an amusement park is made of grating over bottomless pits.
What good would be a Silent Hill theme park without some giant teddy-bunnies from hell laying around?
You know you're in a Silent Hill game when... you get killed in a dream and wake up at a dinner. And no one is there.
*Ugh*... What a dream... What the hell did they put into these burgers? Are these funny burgers again?
Douglas, our trusty sidekick detective. Hey Dog, do you ever get any clients with that looks? Does the word image ring any bell? —By the way, these ARE in-game graphics, people.
When Harry Mason woke up from his nightmare in SILENT HILL 1, he was greeted by a foxie of a cop girl called Cybill... and I have to do with this filthy bum excuse for a detective?
Good thing someone left this gun so close to the first monster I would encounter in the game!
...And this is the point where things start to get officially f*cked up.
Claudia Wolf, a younger Dhalia Gillespie, so to say. Hey! Does her name resemble that drug in SILENT HILL 1, the "white claudia" or what?... Coincidence? dun dun DUN!
The car ride, one of the greatest cutscenes of the game.
I guess a bathroom mirror is as good a place for a satanic graffitti as anywhere else, right? And what's suppossed to read there? "Samael roolz OK".
Wow! Stop the press! I'm sorry, creatures, detective, witches, and player... you'll all have to excuse me for 5 minutes —I NEED to check who made it to the cover of the last Teen Beat.
I just can't get tired of looking at this guys' textures... wait —is it me, or that sounded kinda queer?
You know you're in a Silent Hill game when... gurneys with bodies covered in blood-stained sheets are stocked in the halls of a shopping mall.
Heather, the best drama actress to ever hit the videogaming universe.
Yo, Harry Mason! THIS is how you hold a gun, you pathetic wuss!
Well, now that door looks promising, doesn't it?
The third chapter of the series could be identified as the "gore" Silent Hill: the shifting from the normal world into the infamous Otherworld now involves lots of wall-bleeding and head-aching.
You know you're in a Silent Hill game when... a hospital's nursery is decorated like this.
Oh yes, sports fans! Dark Silent Hill is back, with the rusty gratings floor we all love!
Hey ladies, isn't that Brad Pitt?!? Well, the character certainly is as twisted as to fit.
u know you're in a Silent Hill game when... a horse in a merry-go-round has a nine-inch-nail stuck in its forehead.
Hey, Silent Hill fans! Recognize this room? Think Alyssa.
Heather, the dream of every horror-story fan. She even sports blood stains in her jacket.
A good example of the replayability-enhancing freebie stuff that we can find in Konami games: May the force be with you, Heather!
How do you give a blonde girl the scare of her life? Put her against her own dark self ——with her REAL hair color! Eeeeeeeeeek!
Once you completed the game, you start getting codes to unlock Heather's wardrobe: now THESE are the clothes to fit this girl's attitude, huh?
One of "Heather's bonus costumes" is called the Princess Heart suit: and I thought nothing could beat the "dog" ending in SILENT HILL 2... (and you didn't see the animation when she puts this thing on!!).