Silent Hill Mobile 2 Screenshots

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J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
The game starts with some dialogue with Karen
Starting out in the locker room
Clicking on an object brings up a menu
In a patient's room
What's the code?
Found a corpse
Picked up a doll in the laundry
Drawing a symbol to get to the otherworld
Entering the otherworld
Putting the doll in the birdcage
Using key to get into locker
A puzzle involving pressing the right name plates
Here I have to carve a pattern into the painting
Being attacked by a monster
A vending machine
Here I have to shoot down the meat bag to reach it's content
Probably don't want to know what that thing is
What's that green gooey thing?
Found a corpse with a scalpel in his leg.
Meeting with Karen
Playing as Vincent I find what remains of her
A face in the wall is talking with me