Silhouette Mirage Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen.
Tutorial Program.
Whenever I see triangles on Saturn games, I find it "funny" (considering the system used SQUARE pixels for its imagery).
Nevermind the shooting guns to your left, just go.
You gotta go fast... Even defying the laws of physics.
Just beware of giant shooting projectiles.
Lots of stuff going on, unsure what to do.
Big tough robots can scare anyone away.
Really hate these dark places.
Fortunately, there is always light, even among the dark.
Don't be scared of Green Headed Guys, they're easy as PIE. Pumpkin pie...
Even though they use some arcane bullshit sometimes...
Always use the terrain to your advantage. Old tip from Sun Tzu.
Surrounded by foes is not the best way to go, particularly when you're a fragile little girl and not a goddamn barbarian.
If only I could cut that rope somehow.
Wait, why is he upside down, I don't get it.
That's a big , piercing tongue you got there. I even VANISHED while being trespassed.
This wall of text basically means 'uh-oh'.
Wait... Is that... a NIPPLE...
Mr. That was a nipple.
There's just something holy about this imagery.