Advertising Blurbs

PQ2 Computer DataBase:
    Defend the United Universe as the pilot of Silpheed, Super Dogfighter. Combine strategy with dexterity. Silpheed becomes even more powerful by acquiring new weapons and shields. The longer you survive, the stronger Silpheed (and the adversaries) become. 20 levels of action. 9 original musical scores.

    Contributed by POMAH (49092) on Aug 13, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    Japan's Hottest New Action Game

    Get ready for Silpheed, the action game that grabs you and never lets go, from the first note of its fast moving soundtrack to the ultimate showdown with Xacalite, the evil warlord. Silpheed, the blockbuster from Japan, brings action gaming to its pinnacle with a mind-boggling display of graphics, sound, and warpspeed gameplay. Your heart will race as over 30 different types of alien enemy aircraft make kamikaze dives on your warship. Your trigger finger will fire feverishly as you frantically fight your way through 20 unique space battlefields. Nine original musical scores accompany you as you blast off into a futuristic galaxy of electrifying, supercharged excitement.

    Contributed by Eurythmic (2697) on Jul 18, 1999.