Silver Surfer Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Menu Selection
Silver Surfer is given his mission by Galactus.
Level Selection Screen
Beginning a level, Mephisto has nice teeth.
Enemies look after the statues on pedistals.
A familiar statue
Attacking a swarm of green dots.
Assault on a high-tech fortress
Inside of Emperor's Fortress
Ride down the lava flow
Hot dripping lava to roast a surfer.
Outside of a blue mansion
Fire, Fire everywhere.
This lizard guards the enterance to Reptyl's base
Underwater passage and fish
Powerups discovered!
Silver Surfer is under fire by cannons in the water.
Battle with a giant turtle and his smaller turtle spawn.
Reptyl rides on the back of his pet dinosaur.
An assault of ghosts upon the Silver Surfer.
There's never anything good behind Door #1.
Arms reach out from the walls to throw fireballs.
A swarm of... magician hats!?
A variety of strange creatures populate the Magick realm.
Silver Surfer flies over what can only be described as a floor of mouths.
Definitely a dangerous area.
These elephants don't look well.
Finding a piece of the galactic device...
The Silver Surfer is defeated.
Hands from red water
Rare view
Green monsters