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Sim Theme Park

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PlayStation 3

Advertising Blurbs

EA Product Catalog Winter 1999/2000 - PSX / Windows (Ger):


    Jetzt kommt das ultimative Freizeitvergnügen für PC-CD und Sony Playstation. In dieser nicht immer ernst gemeinten Wirtschaftssimulation verlangt es nicht nur Geschick, die Fahrgeschäfte zu bauen und den Park zu managen, man braucht auch eine Portion Mut, die waghalsigen Attraktionen in der Ich-Perspektive selsbt auszuprobieren. ein einfach zu bedienendes Interface und eine fantastische Grafikengine ermöglichen einen schnellen Einstieg in das knallharte Entertainment-Geschäft.


    Contributed by Sicarius (61016) on Aug 20, 2006.

www.electronic-arts.de - Windows:
    Dieses Spiel wird nicht mehr hergestellt.

    Theme Park World ist der langerwartete Nachfolger des berühmten Bullfrog-Bestsellers Theme Park (1994), der über 2 Millionen Mal verkauft wurde. Bereits damals begeisterte das Spiel vor allem durch seine schöne Grafik und das fesselnde Gameplay. Bullfrog Productions Ltd., eine hundertprozentige Tochter von Electronic Arts mit Sitz in London, wurde 1987 von einer kleinen Gruppe begeisterter Gamer gegründet, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hatten, Spiele zu programmieren, die sie selbst gern spielen wollten. Heute, zwölf Jahre später, gehört Bullfrog zu den erfolgreichsten Spieleschmieden der Welt, die in ihrer Firmenhistorie zahlreiche Hits zu verzeichnen hat, die sich immer durch ein ausgeklügeltes Gameplay, neue Ideen und Top-Technologie auszeichnen.

    Ganz in dieser Tradition entstand jetzt Theme Park World, eine nicht immer ganz ernst gemeinte Wirtschaftssimulation, in der der Spieler die Aufgabe hat, einen Freizeitpark zu entwerfen und erfolgreich zu betreiben. Ein einfach zu bedienendes Interface und eine fantastische Grafikengine ermöglichen einen schnellen Einstieg in das knallharte Entertainment-Geschäft. Die neue Software arbeitet mit einer erstaunlichen Echtzeit-3D-Engine und bietet als Option eine Ich-Perspektive, mit der Sie Ihre Fahrgeschäfte und Parks selbst ausprobieren können. Jederzeit steht dem Spieler ein "Berater" mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, um den oftmals kniffeligen Balanceakt zwischen Spaß und Ökonomie zu meistern. Fahrgeschäfte können nicht nur gekauft, sondern auch weiterentwickelt werden, so daß kein Freizeitpark dem anderen gleicht. Eine verbesserte KI ermöglicht intelligenteres menschliches Verhalten, mit dem Sie sich genauso auseinandersetzen müssen wie mit der Verwaltung Ihrer Gewinne. Es macht einfach nur Freude, den kleinen durch den Park wuselnden Besuchern und Angestellten zuzusehen. Aber der Spieler braucht nicht nur zuzusehen - jederzeit ist ein Wechsel in die Ich-Perspektive möglich, um einfach nur durch den Park zu laufen oder gar alle Attraktionen selbst zu erleben.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66152) on Jun 20, 2005.

Press Release - PlayStation:

    Electronic Arts Ships SimTheme Park for the Sony PlayStation

    New "Sim" Game Allows PlayStation Players to Create, Operate and Experience Their Own Virtual Theme Parks

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - March 22, 2000 - Ten people just threw up on the roller coaster. There are twenty screaming kids waiting for a bathroom. On top of that the Dino Bounce just broke down! It's just another day of managing the park's front office when playing SimTheme Park . Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), the world's leading interactive entertainment software company, and Bullfrog Productions today announced the release of SimTheme Park for the PlayStation game console system, a new 3D simulation game in the tradition of SimCity 3000 and the original Theme Park .

    In SimTheme Park, players can create and operate the most exciting, attractive and feature-packed amusement parks their imaginations can conjure. Unlike other titles in this category, SimTheme Park allows players to ride their creations and experience them from a first-person perspective. In addition, the PlayStation version offers a redesigned interface to take advantage of the PlayStation controls and several fun "mini-games" that can be enjoyed throughout the park. While building the theme park of their dreams, players can take time out and try their hand at Dino Racing, the Strength Test, Smash 'Em, Shooting Gallery, Fortune Teller, Giant Puzzle and Coconut Shy.

    Players construct their parks based on one of four different themes: Space Zone, The Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonders and Halloween. Each themed area features a variety of rides, concessions and attractions from which to choose. A simple and intuitive user interface allows players to jump right in and start building. Players can create amazing roller coasters and log flumes with the flexible track-building interface, as well as exciting go-kart tracks and water-rapids complete with crossovers, jumps and tunnels. An advisor gives instant feedback to help create a successful theme park.

    After designing the most gut-wrenching roller coasters imaginable, players can take their thrilling creations for a test drive to judge whether they need more loops, steeper drops or faster turns.

    Aside from building fun rides, players must keep their park visitors happy in a number of other ways. They need to make sure admission prices cover operating expenses, staffing is adequate, restroom facilities are sufficient and that rides aren't too intense to be enjoyed - - all while staying on budget. To supplement park income, players can build shops and kiosks and set up sideshows. Every aspect of running the park is at the player's fingertips.

    SimTheme Park carries an ESRB rating of "E" for everyone. It is available in stores now for a suggested retail price of US $39.95 or by direct order from the EA Store at http://www.eastore.ea.com or by calling 800-245-4525. More information on SimTheme Park can be found on the Internet at www.simthemepark.com.

    Bullfrog Productions Ltd. develops and publishes games that offer original, deep and challenging gameplay. Concentrating on a small number of unique titles, Bullfrog has delighted game-players with hit after hit including Populous, Populous II, Populous : The Beginning, Theme Park , SimTheme Park , Magic Carpet , Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. Bullfrog is based in Chertsey, England. More information on Bullfrog titles is available at http://www.bullfrog.ea.com.

    Electronic Arts, headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.2 billion for fiscal 1999. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under eight brand names: Electronic Arts , EA SPORTS , Maxis , ORIGIN , Bullfrog Productions , Gonzo Games , Westwood Studios and Jane' Combat Simulations. More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at www.ea.com.

    Contributed by skl (1138) on Mar 03, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:

    Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

  • Build and ride the roller coaster of your dreams in your very own theme park.

  • Four fantastic environments: Space Zone, Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonder, and Halloween.

  • Explore your park, ride the rides, and play the sideshows from the visitor's perspective.

  • A helpful advisor gives you instant feedback to let you create a successful theme park.






    Contributed by Corn Popper (69690) on Jan 27, 2003.

Inside of SimCity 3000 Unlimited Jewel Case:
    Build and manage you very own theme park. Design your roller coasters from scratch and even take them for a ride. Hop on board, strap yourself in, and hold on tight as you build the greatest them park in the world!

    You Design it. You Build it. You Ride it.


    Contributed by Mullet of Death (604) on Feb 17, 2002.

2000 EA Product Catalog:
    You design it. You build it. You ride it.


    Four entirely different themes to build from - Space Zone, Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonders, and Halloween.

    Explore the fantastic rides, shops, and side-shows from the visitor's perspective.

    Design your own rides using a simple and intuitive user interface.

    A helpful advisor gives instant feedback to help you create a successful theme park.

    Publish your park on the SimTheme Park website and see how it compares with others.

    Contributed by Zovni (9344) on Jan 29, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    Plan and Place rides, shops, side-shows and a host of other features.

    Check your park out in a realistic first person mode.

    Ride you fantastic creations in first person

    Tweak the performance of your rides and shops

    Publish your park online

    Contributed by Matthew Bailey (1143) on Mar 26, 2000.