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SimCity 3000

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It's SimCity 2000 with better graphics and some added features. Windows ZombieDepot (45)
Great intro, great gameplay, wonderfull design, Poor replayability Windows William Shawn McDonie (1092)
A great sequel to Simcity 2000. Windows Kevbo32 (47)
A very Blah sequel Windows Tony Maki (12)

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Macintosh 4 3.8
Windows 89 3.8
Combined MobyScore 93 3.8

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The game is successful addition to the SimCity Series. Added are some in game tweaks not noticeable until play. Plus the video card support gets a big thumb ups. The SoundFX rock the house with a music track worth its salt. Don't even explain gameplay it explains its self. If you're one for addicting Sim games that suck the hours away this is the one. Even if you're not that person it's worth a look trust me.
A great update. Lots of hard work went into this, and even though it took forever to finally be released, it was well worth the wait. They obviously listened very closely to what people wanted from the game and delivered very well. Many, many problems were completely resolved (such as water issues) and tons of new features were added that make the game all the more fun. There are still a few minor issues, such as difficulty with farms, seaports and bridges, but information on the website and in the play guide can help you get past those.
WindowsPower Unlimited
Vertrouw een oude SC-fanaat: Sim City 3000 is de absolute bomb. Heb ik net Settlers 3 de beste game genoemd, komt deze langswaaien! Oogverblindende graphics, perfekte gameplay en een hele rits aan extra funkties en mogelijkheden maken dit tot een absolute must-have voor PC-gamers. Misschien een tikkeltje moeilijker dan zijn voorganger, maar wel tien keer zo veel speelplezier. Haal hem zo snel mogelijk in huis!
WindowsPrivat Computer PC
Jeg er ubetinget begejstret for SimCity 3000. Det er klassik gameplay i en flot grafisk præsentation, hvor man tilmed kan zoome så tæt på byen, at man kan se forskel på de forskellige biler og mennesker.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer
De som letar efter någon form av upplösning missar hela poängen. SimCity är inget egentligt spel - det är mer som en låda Lego eller en sån där "Den lille kemisten" - sats man fick som ung - det är en plats där du kan experimentera och leka med idéer och teorier.
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Sim City 3000 is aangenaam om te spelen. Het is leuk om alles weer eens te herontdekken en het spel zal je ongetwijfeld vele uurtjes achter je PC gekluisterd houden. Waar ik wel mijn bedenkingen bij heb, is bij de systeemeisen van het spel. Laat je je hierdoor niet ontmoedigen en ben je een fan van het genre, dan geldt eigenlijk maar één ding: kopen!
WindowsPC Gamer Brasil
Essencialmente, o que faz SimCity tão sem par - e o que a maior profundidade e a acessibilidade do 3000 acentuam - é que existem tantos modos de jogar como existem jogadores. Apesar dos projetistas terem adicionado muitas características, não existe um final ou objetivo fixo. Aqueles que o procuram não entenderam o jogo. SimCity não é um jogo de verdade - é mais uma caixa de Lego ou aqueles confusos conjuntos de química que você costumava ganhar de natal - é um lugar onded você pode experimentar e brincar com teorias e idéias. SimCity 3000 pode não ser a página seguinte que muitos esperavam, mas oferece mais espaço, mas detalhe, mais flexibilidade e mais opções do que nunca. E faz tudo isso com um visual suave e charmoso que com certeza vai seduzir você.
MacintoshMac Game Gate
I have few gripes about this game. No bugs were evident at all in significant hours of gameplay, and the speed at which the game moves is impressive. SimCity 3000 plays smoothly, is graphically pleasing and has the attention to detail which separates a true classic from a five minute wonder. It is a long-term investment, not a choice for whiling away an hour or two after work. The programmers have updated the concept sufficiently, I think, for those who own an existing copy to justify updating to this version. There's a lot of code to get through, and on the whole, the journey is satisfying. Go build!
It's hard to fault SimCity 3000 for not falling too far from the SimCity 2000 tree. And let's face it, fans are going to run out and buy this new title simply because they've been looking to recreate the experience that earlier titles offered. Still, in the end, if you're looking for something that's going to keep you as entertained as long as the original games did, you're probably going to be a little bit disappointed with how fast the new car smell of this game wears off.
What do you do with a city once its running just as you want it, and everyone is happy? Maxis have always addressed that issue with disasters you can unleash onto your city. 3000 contains a UFO Attack, Fire and Tornadoes, but it never feels right spending so much time building the city of your dreams then destroying it. SimCity 3000 set the ground for 4000, and no doubt many games after it.
WindowsPower Play
Sim City ist immer noch Sim City! Ein bißchen aufgebohrt, mit zeitgemäßer Grafik, aber von vorne bis hinten Sim City. Dahinter steckt wohl die ganz vernünftige Überlegung, daß es keinen Sinn macht, ein eigentlich rundum gelungenes Spiel durch größere Umbauten „verbessern“ zu wollen. Ich glaube, ich habe schon bei einer früheren Gelegenheit mal erwähnt, daß ich kein Neuigkeitenfetischist bin. Gut, man hätte über Zutaten wie eine Kampagne durchaus reden können, aber andererseits ist der Haupt-Charakterzug des Programms schon immer der des freien und unbeschränkten Städtebaus gewesen. Und die jetzt in manchen Magazinen wahrscheinlich wieder aufkommenden Kritikpunkte (kein eigentliches Spielziel etc.) sind so alt wie das Game selbst — ohne daß sie seine zahlreichen Freunde je sonderlich gestört hätten. Keine Frage: „Sim City 3000“ kriegt wieder einen Stammplatz auf meiner Festplatte!
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Крупномасштабный долгострой комнатных размеров. Противопоказаний не имеет.
Given the facts, it's both tempting and valid to criticize SimCity 3000 for what it isn't while futilely pointing in directions it might have gone. Then again, you need but recall the game's torrid development cycle to know that its culmination in SimCity 3000 is probably for the best. The game that began as an ambitious, full-3D renovation of the series was scrapped in favor of something not so very different than its predecessors, no doubt because the old adage about not fixing what ain't broke is, in fact, true. As it stands, SimCity 3000 is a stable, attractive, finely balanced game with just enough new features to satisfy veterans of the series.
WindowsGaming Entertainment Monthly
I found SimCity 3000 an interesting and fun game. It was a good successor to the SimCity tradition. It is also something fresh at the same time. Some downfalls of this game are that it has not changed that much from what I remember from SimCity 2000 and still uses an old engine, but the changes are enough. Some multiplayer features would have been nice. Maybe we'll see a SimCity 3000 Multiplayer Gold, and see who can build the biggest city the quickest. This is definitely worth a consideration.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Schon erstaunlich, was für Auswirkungen die im Vergleich zum Vorgänger eher feinen Verbesserungen auf den Spielablauf haben. Kleisterte man bei SC 2000 noch locker innerhalb von ein paar (Spiel-)Jahrzehnten die komplette Karte zu, habe ich nun schon an einem Zehntel des Terrains mehrere (Echtzeit-) Tage lang geknabbert. Das liegt zum einen am riesigen Baugrund, zum anderen an den mannigfaltigen Anforderungen, die auf den gestreßten Bürgermeister warten. Bis man dahinterkommt, warum in das scheinbare Nobelgebiet kein Mensch einziehen will, ist viel Feinarbeit gefragt. Während der Schritt zurück zur 2D-Grafik wohl eine richtige Entscheidung war – lediglich die mangelnde Übersicht nervt bisweilen – hängt mir der prinzipielle Spielansatz langsam zum Hals heraus. Das abwechselnde Setzen von grünen, blauen und gelben Quadraten mit anschließendem Warten, was dabei herauskommen mag, ist einfach nicht mehr zeitgemäß.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
I really like SimCity 3000 and feel that it is a worthy successor to the SimCity franchise. My one biggest complaint is that I feel Maxis could have put a lot more technology structures in the game, rather than just rehashing much of what was in SimCity 2000. Maxis does make up for this though by providing free downloads to plug into the game, which continues to increase its replayability. If you enjoyed the previous SimCity titles or want to delve into this genre, SimCity 3000 will not steer you wrong.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
However, SIMCITY 3000 is a wonderful toy, an open-ended game in which you make the rules. The significant progression of gameplay from SIMCITY 2000 is appreciated only after extensive time with the game; SIMCITY 2000 veterans will have to decide whether the changes are worth the asking price. But by staying true to its roots, the latest version ensures an addictive experience. Starting up your own Mayberry and turning it into a major megalopolis provides a satisfaction unusual in computer gaming. And doesn’t require full body armor and a BFG.
Although these new elements enhance an already enchanting simulation, some users may be disappointed that SimCity 3000 adds few other new features. In many ways, SimCity 3000 is little more than SimCity 2000 with a very successful face-lift. And Mac users accustomed to a Mac interface will likewise be disappointed with SimCity 3000's Windows look–complete with a chunky, white arrow cursor and Windows-style folder navigation.
Wie bewerten wir nun ein solches Spiel? Eigentlich macht es unheimlichen Spaß und läßt den Spieler Stunde über Stunde in eine andere Welt versinken. Aber leider ging dies auch schon vor Jahren, und zwar auf genau die gleiche Art und Weise. Einem Remake mit nur kleinen Verbesserungen können wir aber leider keine Höchstwertung geben. Dennoch ist allen Fans des Aufbaugenres und auch des alten SimCitys die 3000er Version nur ans Herz zu legen. Ihr werdet jede Menge Spaß dabei haben, Euren Sims das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen und gleichzeitig eine eigene Stadt managen zu können. Wenn Ihr jedoch auch auf kriegerische Handlungen und ein wenig Strategie wert legt, sind die Siedler III oder Anno 1602 besser für Euch geeignet. Denn Einheiten ausbilden oder direkte Bauaufträge vergeben könnt Ihr in SimCity 3000 nicht, wenn wir von öffentlichen Einrichtungen und besonderen Angeboten absehen. Dafür ist das Spiel jedoch auch extrem einsteigerfreundlich.
WindowsAll Game Guide
Overall, SimCity 3000 is a great game but not a huge improvement over its predecessor, SimCity 2000. One item which was not completed before the release of the game is the Building Architect Tool which can now be downloaded from Maxis also issues add-on land packs periodically which are available for downloading at the site as well. New landmarks are included in the packs and the price tag (free) makes upgrading the game a real bargain.
Twórcy uszanowali wysiłek gracza, który zajadle budował swoje miasto, grając SimCity 2000. Będziesz mógł "zaimplantować" swoje miasto do gry i śledzić jego rozwój poza rok 2000-czny i dalej. Co dowodzi, że Electronic Arts i Maxis poważnie traktują swoich klientów i ich dotychczasowe dokonania. Sim City jest grą, którą poleciłbym do szkoły właściwie każdego stopnia. Ludzie w MEN... na co wy jeszcze czekacie?
WindowsGildia Gier Komputerowych
Co można powiedzieć na zakończenie? Przynajmniej to, że gra jest doskonała - posiada bardzo dobrą grafikę, ciekawą muzykę i to co wyróżnia hity - świetną grywalność. Jest to gra bez przemocy (nie licząc oczywiście kataklizmów nawiedzających nasze miasto), przeznaczona dla każdego - od najmłodszych do najstarszych. Mogę tylko polecić tą grę każdemu - mimo że gra ukazała się jakiś czas temu to w sklepach można jeszcze znaleźć wersję Gold SimCity. Zapraszam i jeszcze raz polecam.
The amount of detail put into the graphics, sound, and animation of SimCity 3000 has to be seen to be believed. It would have been nice for this game to be fully 3D with infinite degrees of rotation (instead of just 4). Other than that, and some nitpicky interface issues, SimCity 3000 proves itself to be an involving game that has the potential to develop into quite a time sink. The game play has incredible depth, with a good basis in the real life dynamics of city planning and city building. If you're more of a short attention span type, you should be careful of the complexity and learning curve involved in SimCity 3000. If you're into strategy games, or looking for a great change of pace from all the "kill everything" titles out there, SimCity 3000 would be a great game to pick up.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Damit keine Mißverständnisse aufkommen - SimCity ist nach wie vor ein Klassiker, und auch die 3000er-Version wird viele Menschen begeistern. Als ausgebildeter Städtebauer habe ich schon immer meine Freude an dieser anspruchsvollen Simulation gehabt und mich nicht daran gestört, daß es kein echtes Spielziel gibt. Inzwischen ist die Konkurrenz dank Caesar, Siedler, Anno und Co jedoch härter geworden, gleichzeitig sind die Ansprüche der Spieler gestiegen. Am positivsten ist mir die Interaktion mit den Nachbarstädten aufgefallen, und die Berater sind inzwischen noch hilfreicher. Wer mehr über die Zusammenhänge in unseren städtischen Siedlungen erfahren möchte, wird SimCity lieben.
MacintoshMac Gamer
If you've read through this whole review and have come to the conclusion that SimCity 3000 is a poor Mac game, you're wrong . . . and I'm sorry. It's not bad. In fact, it is still the coolest game I know. I can't get enough of it. Nothing blends creativity, strategy and deductive thinking better than SimCity. Problem is, Maxis dumped on Mac users. A once-beautiful relationship was trampled by Maxis' parent, Electronic Arts, with no loyalty or class.
לסיכום, המשחק הזה לא יהיה משחק שנה וגם לא יעשה כותרות אבל הוא מאוד נחמד כמשחק שנועד להעביר את הזמן. אז אם משעמם לכם ואתם חושבים שהקופסה נראית לכם יפה אז לכו תקנו את המשחק.
WindowsGame Revolution
Overall, however, there is simply not very much new here. Sim City 3000 adheres rigidly to the Sim City 2000 formula, updates the graphics, and adds in a few new touches. Think of is as Version 2, the 1999 update. That is not to say that it does not play very well. In fact, it is every bit as much fun as Sim City 2000 was. We were all just expecting a little more, something different. You know, come to think of it, Sim City was contemporary, Sim City 2000 would get slightly futuristic, so shouldn't Sim City 3000 really be simulating the city of 1000 years in the future? Perhaps that'll be Maxis' next game. Hell, I'll by that for a dollar.
Sim City 3000, une version parmi d’autres de la célèbre série du même nom. Un opus récent avec son lot d’améliorations, de nouveautés, de libertés, moins qu’auraient pu l’espérer bon nombre de joueurs. En effet, il est difficile de révolutionner un concept lorsqu’il fonctionne déjà si bien. Ce rejeton ni trop surprenant ni trop classique donne l’apparence d’un développement charnière, entre la version 2000 et SimCity 4. Maxis relève toutefois le défi de l’évolution, en donnant tout de même un visage neuf à son jeu d’anthologie. De quoi faire perdurer quelques peu une renommée déjà acquise.
Bref, un jeu dont l'achat n'est probablement pas justifié si vous avez déjà la version précédente, mais qui reste assez amusant, dommage que les auteurs n'aient pas fait preuve d'un peu plus d'originalité... Mais après tout, on ne change pas une formule qui marche!
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
For those that favor its acquired taste, SimCity 3000 is a refined and sweeter version of the classic SimCity 2000. This game is the ultimate “time sink”—one that you will fire up, intending to just fool around with for ten minutes or so, then glance in the clock and react in horror as you realize two hours have passed. It is a game for noodlers and nitpickers, not for anyone who prefers games that have a deathmatch option. The open-ended nature of the gameplay is both the game’s biggest bonus, and its most fatal flaw.
SimCity and the sim-series has always been a pretty big hit. I loved the original SimCity, but hadn't played a sim-series game since then. I went through a bit of a phase where I became bored of sims so I stopped playing them as much. When SimCity 3000 came out, I heard nothing but good things so I figured it's about time to try it out again.
MacintoshSpel för Alla
Sim City 3000 är något för de som älskar att bygga städer och se dem växa. För oss andra som bara är måttligt roade av tanken finns det bättre spel.
MacintoshMac Addict
If you can ignore its many flaws and you have a superfast G3 or G4, you just might find SimCity 3000 enjoyable, but not if you own anything less than the latest and greatest Mac. As for us, we're going to stick with SimCity 2000 for another few years.
MacintoshAll Game Guide
You may want to check out a friend's copy prior to plunking down your hard-earned money. The years may leap ahead by a millennium in the titles of the series but the enhancements and advancements in gameplay aren't keeping pace.