SimCity 4: Rush Hour Screenshots

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Windows version

New to Rush Hour, you may name roads, bodies of water, land, mountains, etc., to whatever you desire.
Labels can be used to identify an area, or to set a reminder.
The tax sheet has been expanded and improved.
The main attraction of Rush Hour, driving vehicles. Here I am, in a beat up sedan.
You can select whichever vehicle for your Sims, assuming their wealth is good. Here, Amanda Hugankiss will be driving a rusty station wagon.
You can even select the way your my Sims gets around, whether they walk or hoverboard.
You can poll any person in the city to find out what they're thinking. This man wants a closer hospital.
I'm about ready to take the medical helicopter out for a run.
The green target circle is used for missions, like picking up a heart transplant patient.
When you're doing bad (or overfunding something), you'll be told.
One of the new transportation options is the monorail. It's fast, and is more effective than the rail or subway.
Missions are available for most government buildings. Here I have the chance to take out a police cruiser to a disturbance.
I did it! Completing missions increases your Mayor Rating, and may unlock a reward.
There are also "alternative" missions. These are evil. They usually net you a lot of cash, but they lower your Mayor Rating.
This Convention Center was a reward for completing four straight civic missions.
The Elevated Rail is another new transportation option, and is faster then ground rail. It can also connect to your city's subway system.
There is a new query tool, the Route Query, that shows traffic congestion, and where people are going.
Since I completed the police road missions, I earn a new police station. It has a helicopter, and unlocks the police air missions.
When building a bridge, you can choose what style you want it to be.
The Region view now shows transportation networks.
Environment is more important then ever, and you'll need tons of trees and parks to keep that rating high.
Do your citizens hate you? You can hop in your limo and start throwing out piles of cash.
You can choose where you want your Sims to work, be it the CEO of a company or gas attendant.
Monorails are expensive, but they sure can carry a lot of people once it gets going.
A nice, quiet, high income residential area sitting on an island.
When your roads start getting bogged down, you're advisor will tell you and help you solve the problem.
A nasty accident! This may be a sign to provide alternate routes around here.
These buildings are gray and almost abandoned, due to a sinking land value.
Is there anything worse then a UFO attack? I think not...
... except two walking piles of re-used car parts that destroys everything they step on.