SimEarth: The Living Planet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen (Lo-res Version)
Start menu. (Lo-res Version)
Earth 1990 scenario background. (Lo-res Version)
Earth 1990. (Lo-res Version)
Edit map. Checking out what is happening in North America. (Lo-res Version)
Edit map - About to purchase an Info Age people unit. (Lo-res Version)
Hello, Mr. World! (Lo-res Version)
Globe view. (Lo-res Version)
Geosphere model. (Lo-res Version)
Biomes. (Lo-res Version)
Life form chart. (Lo-res Version)
Technology chart. (Lo-res Version)
History display. (Lo-res Version)
Technology report. (Lo-res Version)
Help display. (Lo-res Version)
Mars scenario. (Lo-res Version)
An ice comet hits Mars! (Lo-res Version)
Setting up generators to try to teraform Mars! (Lo-res Version)
Yep... It's a rock! (Lo-res Version)
Planting grass on Mars. (Lo-res Version)
My teraform of Mars is resulting in some massive polar ice caps... (Lo-res Version)
Nukes! (Lo-res Version)
The Exodus! (Lo-res Version)
Cities taking off for space! (Lo-res Version)
Title screen. (Hi-res Version)
Welcome to SimEarth! (Hi-res Version)
Start menu. (Hi-res Version)
Earth map. (Hi-res Version)
Edit map. (Hi-res Version)
A plague strikes across Europe! (Hi-res Version)

DOS version

Choose The Planet
Choose The Age
The Life Start
About Your Planet
We Have Amphibians
Save The Earth

FM Towns version

Title screen
Getting started
The Earth is hot
Animal graph
Geological graph
Zooming in
Gaia is sleeping
Viewing the globe
The first thing to do is to make it green
Animals can come now?
Be careful with those disasters

Macintosh version

Naming the planet and choosing time scale (color)
Geosphere model (color)
Inspecting the flora and fauna (color)
Disaster strikes (color)
Beginn of the evolution time scale (monochrome)
A look at the atmospheric composition (monochrome)
It seems to me that the current task of discovering fire will be difficult with the current lifeforms (monochrome)
Another close look at plants and animals (monochrome)
Starting out with a blank world map. (Colour version)
The Gaia World editing screen shows the blank world map when the game is started. (Colour version)
Graphs show the status of the simulated earth, such as the Atmosphere. (Colour version)
Civilization Model. (Colour version)

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Selecting a planet
Something about the selected planet
Rocks, rocks as far as you can see
Main in-game menu
Map over the planet
The bacteria evolves
Civilization menu, but it's too early for that
Let's play god
An asteroid hit
The catastrophe menu
Planting trees
Info screen
Life in the ocean is thriving
This screen shows you the amount of life on your planet
Atmospheric composition

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen, just like SimAnt this is another X68000 game that requires SX-Window
You can arrange the windows as you want
There are 9 windows in total
The globe

SNES version

Title screen
Intro cut-scene
Main menu
Dictionary information on oceans
Aquarium time scale
Map of the world
The menu
A submenu
Events that can happen in the game.
All the different kinds of life on this world
Different kinds of life from a global view
Lifeforms up close
Getting detailed info on an octopus.
Civilization models
Planet report
Advice from the planet
A new species is born.
The daisy world
Color of the daisies
Technology time scale
The Earth is upset.
Choose the age.

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Choose your planet!
Choose your time period
Prehistoric time. Lots of little creatures lurking in those waters...
Good to know :)
Map of the strange world you are building...
And I'm happy because?..
This scenario is basically a huge aquarium...
New types of creatures appear...
Deep sea, prokaryotes, no sapients. Hmm. Is this good or bad?..
This is a complete list of everything you currently have in your scenario
List of natural disasters. Atomic bomb is one of them...
Globe view
Mammals appear! You know, horses, apes, MobyGames contributors, this kind of thing :)
Ahh, now that's more like it! Plenty of various wildlife here
Rocky area with rivers and diverse creatures
A Bronze Age city
Avians (birds) live in what they call "Borean thriving"
Finally, it's our Earth, the way we know it!..
Believe it or not, this is Middle East in 1992! Not very accurate, eh? I don't recall so many green areas :)
Forests might be thriving, but industrial age cities overpower them!
Now this is more like the Middle East I'm familiar with. Check out the new, industrial icons everywhere
This map looks very weird... wonder, because it's Mars!..
Life Class Ratio Graph
History table
Technology Ratio Graph
Civilization Model
Biosphere Model. Look at those cute deers :)
Geosphere Model
Atmosphere Model
Atmospheric Composition Graph
Biome Ratio Graph
No animals. No sapients. Only daisies thriving. What kind of a world is that?..'s the Daisy World, one of the scenarios!

Windows 3.x version

When SimEarth is launched, there is no game in progress, but the simulated Earth is automatically generated.
A game in progress. Here is a world that is randomly generated, and two windows showing the information about the atmosphere are opened by using the pull-down menus.

Official Screenshots

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  • SimEarth: The Living Planet Screenshot
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