SimFarm Screenshots

DOS version

A Big Farm
The Fields
Information About the Field
Cows !
Danger ! Tornado Warning !

SimFarm Screenshots

FM Towns version

FM Towns OS screen with a cow :)
The cow obstinately makes its way to the title screen, too
Choose your region!
Creating your own terrain
Larger and smaller maps
You begin by building a road and a few nonsensical structures
Checking the prices
Financial situation
Xipu... :)
There are different kinds of mini-maps, highlighting various information
A more developed farm
You deliver goods to the city
Checking the weather
What? You wanna quit and leave me here alone? Why you little...
This farm is doing really well
Selling your production
I need more, I need more!
Making a schedule
Oh yeah? And you fight like a COW!
There is a river running across my farm. I thought about it and decided to buy some pigs
Lots of animals here!
My farm on the lake shore is doing badly. I need to sell a horse or two
Bad things keep happening... plague, snakes...
Gotta get some wheels, dude!

SimFarm Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Choose your region...
...or create your own terrain
Map and edit window
Schedule for the plants
This guy will talk back to you all the time :)
I just demolished everything and built a bunch of needless roads. Way to go, farmer...
This reminds me of Paul Aster's awesome book "Mr. Vertigo". The hero's life on a farm in Kansas...
Market value of the plants
You can close all the windows. And just go to bank :)
You can customize the map in many ways
Is this Sim Farm or Sim City?..
Wow, it's a bustling metropolis here!..
Buy a cow, it will solve all your problems in life!..
"I oeup ze weza continues", inspector Closeau would say
Balance, shmalance...
I just bought sheep! Now I can consider myself a complete person
I built wonderful stables for my horses!..
It's not a farm. It's more like a zoo...
Natural disasters occur...
Be good to your plants!..