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SimGolf Credits

SimGolf(tm) Copyright(c) 1996 Maxis, Inc.

Creative ManagerVladimir Vinetsky
ProducerAndy Larson
Lead Programmers, Course ArchitectOlexander Bilyk, Oleg Mouraveinick
Lead Programmers, GolfSerg Butenko, Vasyl Tsvirkunov
Programmers, Course ArchitectNick Fedoseev, Pavel Barvinko, Alexander Firsov
Programmers, GolfYuriy Subota (credited as Yuri Subota), Alexander Bublik, Alex Turin
3‑D ProgrammingOleg Panaschenko
Publishing DirectorTom Forge
Project ConsultantKevin Furry
Art DirectorSharon Barr
Lead ArtistShannon Galvin
Additional ArtistsCharlie Aquilina, Hyla Lacefield, Kevin Kraus, Hawkin Chan, Ocean Quigley, Tanya Fedoseeva, Eleonora Polischuk
Course ConstructionAndrew Bibik, Serdar Copur, Alexey Taftai, Bob Burke, Travis Nixon
Course Architect ReferenceCaleb J. Clark (credited as Caleb J. Clark), Stephen Goldin
Golf ReferenceLaura O'Shea
Additional Writing and CopyeditingDebra Larson
Sound EffectsJerry Martin
Lead TestersKeith Meyer, Peter Saylor, Andrew Bibik
QAJohn Ylinen, Cathy Castro, Scott Shicoff, Michael H. Gilmartin (credited as Michael Gilmartin), Marc Meyer, Joe Longworth, Owen Nelson, Myka Macaraeg, Robert Hines, Liam Patterson, Zir-Paul Macaraeg, Michael Chan, Russell Johnson (credited as Russell Johnson)
Additional TestersCosmo Bowden, Rick Marazzani, Jamie Liggett, Scott Locke, Fred Cooley, Ken Mace, Shannon Copur (credited as Shannon Gray)
Lead Technical SupportMichael Choi
Product ManagerSally Vandershaf
Documentation Design and LaoyoutDavid Caggiano
Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc., Maria Graff
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Martin Chan, Kim Vincent, Leo Kunkle
Thanks toIhor Wolosenko, Gregg Sirrine, Joe Scirica, Robin Harper, Larry Lee, Tom Bentley, Michael Bremer, Rhea Yost, Michael Wyman, Alan Barton, Michael Perry, Anthony Hobbs, Lois Tilles, Patrick Buechner, Variny Yim, Karen Fagen, Bryan Magers, May Wong, Tracy Giles, Aimee West, Genevieve Owens (credited as Genny Owens), Ileana Sander (credited as Ileana Seander), C.J. Lloyd, Roger Johnson (credited as Roger Johnsen), Fred Rodriquez (of Rancho de la Quinta), Scott Head (of the Prince Course)
ManyThanks to the RJT II OrganizationRobert Trent Jones Jr, Andrew G. Larson, Blakeney Stafford, Robert Murphy
AcknowledgementsGolf  Media Inc., Portions Copyright 1996 Sax Software

Additional credits from the game manual

Course ConstructionTanya Fedoseeva, Eleonora Polischuk
MusicJerry Martin
Copy EditingBob Sombrio
TestersScott Locke, Michael Walch, Michael Choi, Tanya Fedoseeva, Eleonora Polischuk
Product ManagerSam Fey
Package DesignJennifer Abrook (credited as Jenny Abrook), Adam O┬┤Neill
ManufacturingPhilip Webb, Silvana Luciano

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