Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Adventuresoft presents
The intro features a lot of animation
Doctor Who-styled appearance
It's HIM again!
In the wizard's house
Meanwhile, in Sordid's fortress of doom...
Map of the city
Going to visit an old friend
Yes, what is it exactly?
This is turning into a meta-game
Simon dies of boredom

Android version

Title and Main Menu
Tutorial of the game mechanics for the Android platform
Runt, Sordid's apprentice, has ordered to get Simon
Mysterious wardrobe appears in Simon's flat
Map of the town
Local dancers are accompanied by the accordion player
Magic competition gathered all famous wizards
Blacksmith and several shops on the town square
African master of the drums is waiting for the job in the docks
Is it a swampling in front of fast food restaurant?
Inside MucSwampy's
Meditating, while women continue their conversation near the fountain
Guards at the entrance to the castle
Demolition men with catapult
The three bears in their cottage
Djinn is not glad of Simon's visit
Swampling is a boss of his restaurant and father of two children
Dead spider in the sewers
Audience with the king
King's child likes Simon's nose
The nerd becomes macho with a super tattoo
In the boat
Two demons did not reach the hell and became guards of the king's treasures
Is it Denmark's flag?
Egyptian theme starts the king's treasures
So much gold, but Simon needs only radioactive labeled box of mucusade
Ambush on the town's streets at night
On the pirate ship
Purple dealer on the island
Simon is full of good and evil thoughts
Simon is teleported by not sober djinn into the outer space
Simon is teleported by not sober djinn into the ocean
Visiting a cafe with sleeping customers
Man is reached by torture machine
Riding the lion to reach the Sordid's tower of doom
Briefing of goblins to find the Simon
Simon is thrown to the cell of Alix
Time lapse shows two Simons
Map around the tower of doom
Visiting the role-players
Encountering a little mutant for the third time
Talking to the woodworms behind the Antiques desk
Proposing the cat to flesh-eating plant
Simon is examining the goblins playing the dice
Goblin sweats from running
Simon is temporarily disintegrated from looking at the monster
Runt has found Simon, but naked female figure in the distance may be helpful for escape
Runt is ready to turn on the machine for Sordid and Simon bodies exchange
Inside the Sordid's nightmare with his Grandmother
'Hit Me' performance with Sordid?

DOS version

Opening Title with Simon doing some magical acrobatics...
Small children and magic books are never a good combination.
Starting out, armed solely with a postcard, which lets Simon save and load the game.
The map of the city
Outside the Swampling's fast food chain
Simon is chained up in the hold of a ship
Calypso's shop
Gate guards
Magic contest tent
Street of traders
Joke shop
Three bears cottage
Giant spider
Loan office
Morris dancers
Inside the cottage
The three bears
Insane club
Fast food restaurant
Mad scientist
Bungie jump
Lady of the lake
Demon popping the balloons.
Magic competition contenders
Simon performing to the king.
Baby room
Sleeping princess
Bowing to the king.