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Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
Credits sequence.
A shot from the intro.
This is where my adventure starts out.
Exploring the area around my home.
A visit to the town.
The map allows for fast travelling.
Talking to ye shoppekeeper.
In front of the tavern.
They've got a fruit machine here?
These people clearly aren't wizards.
The blacksmith is too busy to talk to me.
Maybe he's got something interesting to offer?
Leaving town.
Taking a walk through the woods.
Have I been here before?
He's got trouble with his foot.
Everything looks so similar.

Simon the Sorcerer Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Titles
Simon yet in his everyday life
Trolls expecting food from the sky
Wish granted (see previous screenshot)
The Drunken Druid
An interesting looking empty house
Path to forest
There's something in my foot. Help!
Witch's cottage
Wise Owl
A beautiful opening in the forest
Dead Tree
Troll blocking the way
Cave entrance
Weird place
Swampling's home
Path to mountains
Sleeping Giant
A lovely town
Entering the witch's hut
Dwarf mine entrance
A shop in the town with a two-headed seller
Goblin guards
In the mountains
Entering the fortress
Simon has been shrunk and can sail on a leaf
Shrunk Simon on dry land
Even entrance to the Fiery Pits can be an interesting sightseeing destination...
Title screen (Hebrew). This was one of the few games released on a multilingual CD that included English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew versions
Here you can see the translated Hebrew words as well as subtitles, while viewing the animation of Simon reading the letter
Dialogue choices in the Hebrew version - since that language is written from right to left, they are on the opposite side!..

Simon the Sorcerer Screenshots

iPad version

Simon in his bed, with no idea of what is about to happen
His dog is about to make a great discovery.
Hungry goblins
Start of the game
A smith
In the forest
The giant with a torn in his feet.
What an annoying instrument!
Middle of the forest
The very useful map
An envelope with magical abilities.
Part of Simon's magic show of credits display

Simon the Sorcerer Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen
Opening credits
Talk between opening credits
Time to wake up
Some place to hide the dog...
What is going on?
A portal!
Uh oh.
The starting place.
Invisibility is nice.
The cottage with the witch
A map
A crossroad
Could this be a good hiding place?
The load/save envelope
Should be save to cross now
Endless walking in the forest
Zooming is possible and good for pixel hunting.
Near the end
Help section
Help screen includes credit to scummVM

Simon the Sorcerer Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
Simon doing some tricks in the opening cinematic
At the crossroads
Using the world map to shorten your travels
Simon looking for some rare ore with a metal detector
Crossing the bridge is easy now that the big bad troll has been dealt with
Witch's house
If a player leaves the game be for a certain time period, Simon will start listening to his walkman
Visiting the wise owl for some game hints
At the dig site of a local paleontologist
Looks like there's a shopping list hidden beneath this stone
Entering the local shop, where almost everything is either sold out or reserved
Figuring a way to enter the dwarf mine
Blacksmith is concentrated on his work only and maybe won't even notice if something of his mysteriously disappears
Who turned out the lights?
Simon seems to be the only one from another dimension and hence the one to save the princess from the curse
Mm, that mud soup was really delicious
When you can't find a way to open the door, eating your way through it might do the trick
The gate to the forest will hold a lot of surprises for Simon
With his extraordinary musical talent, Simon tries to wake up the giant
This dragon seems to have caught a cold so it's wise to keep your distance