The Simpsons: Hit & Run Screenshots

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Main Menu
The cut scenes don't really look much like the show.
Marge sends Homer on a mission.
Cruising to the Kwik-E-Mart
Talk to Apu
Race Skinner to Springfield Elementary
Get a new mission from Lisa
Shortcuts usually take the form of crazy jumps.
Coins can be exchanged for goods and services.
Linda Ronstadt endorses the Plow King
Use the Plow King to smash up Smithers' Car
Approaching the Power Plant
The second level takes place downtown.
Bart starts off with the Honor Roller
A lot of the missions are item fetching quests.
Nerd Racing
Ugh, Milhouse is everywhere.

Windows version

A familiar opening...
Smile for the camera!
Main Menu
Game intro
The Simpsons in full 3D! Exclamation marks trigger missions.
Guess what's in the trunk of Homer's Sedan...
Homer causes mayhem on the streets of Springfield with his plow truck.
Each level unlocks a new array of vehicles, such as this donut car.
In-game locations, such as "Moe's" are featured as well.
Each character gets access to a new part of Springfield at a different time of day.
Upon spectacular jumps, the camera switches to a more cinematic view.
Lisa cruises the town in her fancy sports car.
Homer's Nightmare...
Evil Homer and a UFO?! Sweet!
Kamp Krusty
This game features many characters from the show.
You can change the clothes of your characters... enter The Bartman!
Duff Beer for me, Duff beer for you, I´ll have a Duff, you´ll have one too
Kang and Kodos also appear in this game
The horror themed last level
There´s a ghost in my backyard!
October 31
If you are lucky enough you can unlock the secret mini racing games.
Secret mini game
Secret mini game