The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror Credits


Produced byTrevor Bent
Lead ProgrammersMatt Green, James McKay, Danny Whelan
Lead ArtistMartin Holland
Front End ProgrammerMike Ager
Additional ArtAndy Wilson, Andrea Lord, Chris Collins, Dawn Drake, Michael Bailey Smith
Level DesignSimon Hundleby
MusicSuddi Raval
Sound EffectsSuddi Raval
Q.A. ManagerGraeme Ankers
QAMarc Bowden, Richard Brooks, Craig Betts, Ajay Dadlani
Project ManagementJon D'Cruz

THQ are...

VP Product DevelopmentMichael Rubinelli
Executive ProducerScott Krager
ProducerJon Osborn
Assistant ProducerDerek C. Smith
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
Lead TesterByron Guerrero
TestersMike Korpi, Shaun Wharton, Emerson Escobar, Morgan Clark, Scott Mainster, Michael Dunn, Jeff Tatman, Michael Graham, Jeffrey Spierer
Simpsons Game Boy ProducersHarish Rao, Michael Schneider, David Wisehart
In Game Text byJamie Angell
Creative ConsultantsMatt Groening, Mili Smythe, Denise Sirkot
Special ThanksJamie Samson, Danny Ruiz, Luke Letizia, Megan O'Brien

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