The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Screenshots

Android version

King Homer!
Day in the lives of Springfield.
Krustyland loading screen.
Krustyland, being built up.
With seasonal updates comes seasonal load screens.
Springfield in winter.
Seasonal updates often come with items that can only be unlocked during that seasonal event.
Levelling up will get you a unique message from a different Simpsons character for each level.
Levelling up will also unlock new items for your Springfield.
Itchy & Scratchy scratch cards always win for up to 10K.
The Stone Cutter buildings with some Stone Cutters.
The Clash of Clones castles with some decorations.
Treehouse of Horror XXIV is the invasion from Rigel VII.
Krustyland during the invasion from Rigel VII, it seems that even alien invaders just want to have fun.
Christmas 2014 buildings
Post-Christmas 2014 event: Use the cannon to get rid of the Christmas Elves.
Comic Quest 2015 - Intro
Comic Quest 2015 - A super hero hunts villains.
Comic Quest 2015 - Beside super heroes there are also super villains.
Tipp-Ball Quest 2015: Playing Tipp-Ball.
Tipp-Ball Quest 2015: The area.
Monorail Quest 2015: Two stations and the recycling sides.
Monorail Quest 2015: The third station and the railroad construction side.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Screenshots

iPad version

Homer is hungry
Time to visit Moe's
Take a look at Springfield
A crowded Springfield
Power plant is back
Church and school
Simpson's house is ready for tax collection
Connection errors
Lots of money and experience
Level 20
Loading screen during Halloween
Sarcastic message when leveling up.
Special Halloween quest
New treats for Halloween
Loading screen created for Valentine's Day.
Splash screen v4.3.0
Splash screen v4.4.0

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Screenshots

iPhone version

Splash screen / loading screen
Homer is playing at work
The result of Homer neglecting his work.
If you visit Springfield daily, you can earn some cash
A lot of income ready for harvest
Reverend Lovejoy's options
Apu's options
Cletus's Farm overview
Springfield Penitentiary overview
Social screen, with other versions of Springfield
Vandalize your «friend»'s buildings
Reward for "helping" your neighour
Building options
Expanding Springfield
Loading screen / credits
There are secrets in the game.
Loading screen during Halloween
Updated loading screen
Special Christmas themed loading screen
Lisa's winter observations
Christmas Guide
Special loading screen created for Valentine's Day
Itchy & Scratchy scratchcards
At least I won something.
Splash screen v4.4.0