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MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jul 09, 2006)
Nightlife is a dream come true for the player who's less worried about building a dream home and more interested in Sim interactions. With over 100 new objects and a completely new terrain (not to mention the dating aspects), players who are more fascinated by another life than another home will find this expansion a must-have. Fortunately, I'm a player that would rather have his Sim get into all kinds of sticky social problems than try to figure out how many pixels away from the lamp the sofa should be.
WindowsMikroBitti (Oct, 2005)
Kirsikkana kakussa tarjoillaan paria pikku-uudistusta. Taksimatkailuun ja kimppakyyteilyyn kypsyneet simit voivat vihdoinkin hankkia auton, aina peruskauppakassista lieskakuvioituun miehistelyrautaan. Pikkusälään mieltyneet simit voivat vihdoinkin täyttää taskunsa tavaralla, joka seuraa mukana. Vanhan reseptin sopiva muuntelu ja kerrassaan nerokas suomenkielinen käännös pistävät tämänkin Sims-lisälevyn fanien ostoslistan kärkisijoille.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Sep 13, 2005)
Prickelnder, facettenreicher, einfach spaßiger sind die Liebeleien in Nightlife: Die unmittelbare Bewertung meiner Aktionen bei einem Date und die Anzeige passender Flirtkandidaten straffen den Kennen- und Liebenlernprozess - Abenteuer an einem Abend werden intensiver als zuvor. Bis auf das leicht verschobene Balancing umschifft EA geschickt alle Kritikpunkte bisheriger Add-ons, etwa was den Umfang angeht: Allein die vorgefertigte Downtown bietet genug Abwechslung für mehr als 20 Stunden.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2006)
Auch im zweiten Erweiterungspaket für Die Sims 2 zeigte man sich wieder kreativ und mit dem üblichen Sims 2 Augenzwinkern. So ist etwa das Leben als Vampir natürlich interessant, jedoch auch schwer, da man nur noch die Nacht nutzen kann und ansonsten im Sarg schlafen muss. Sims 2 – Nightlife lohnt sich, da das Spiel um viele Aspekte erweitert wird, die man sich als Spieler schon länger gewünscht hat.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Nov 01, 2005)
Some Sims 2 gamers are perfectly content having their Sims live a normal Sims life: going to work, raising a family, taking care of everyday needs, and occasionally upgrading their Sims abode with new items. But then there's the Sims gamer that desires to go beyond the everyday, mundane Sims existence, looking to quench their thirst for excitement. These are the Sims 2 gamers that have done the Dangerfield and gone back to school already with the first Sims 2 expansion University and now want their Sims to look for some sizzling romance and socializing nightlife. Sims 2 Nightlife fills that void with a new emphasis on dating and the simple quest for pleasure, Sims 2 style.
Windowsgames xtreme (Oct 14, 2005)
Although a much smaller advance than the Sims 2 University expansion, I found Nightlife much easier to get to grips with; yes even the Vampire stuff! Being able to have your own car makes many parts of the game much easier and more enjoyable and the items that have been added are all fun. I shall definitely be playing to the Sims 2 for a lot longer, while I try to get to grips to life as a vampire; if not I can always buy the cure from the Gypsy woman!
WindowsPC Powerplay (Sep, 2005)
Zwar bietet das neue Addon keine neuen Ziele, die erreicht werden müssen, erweitert aber die Umgebung der Sims um lustige Attraktionen und Personen, die einen zum Schmunzeln bringen.
85 PC Gaming (Oct 06, 2005)
The Sims 2: Nightlife adds sections and items that probably should have been included in the original game. While Nightlife is much better than the first expansion, University, it won't change your overall opinion of the game. If you loved the Sims 2, you'll enjoy Nightlife, if the Sims 2 isn't really your cup of tea, there is nothing here to change your mind.
85 (Sep 28, 2005)
Le premier bébé cloné est né ! Non, ceci n’est pas une nouvelle annonce démago-commerciale des raéliens, mais bien une constatation au vu de la série des Sims et de son évolution au moment de la sortie de Nuits de folie, le deuxième disque additionnel pour Les Sims 2. Reprenons au début si vous le voulez bien.
84 (Sep 22, 2005)
Das Add-On Die Sims 2: Nightlife bietet einige sinnvolle Neuerungen, so dass sich eine Anschaffung vor allem für Flirthungrige lohnt. Die Stärken liegen aber eher auf der zwischenmenschlichen Ebene als beim puren Partymachen, das doch schneller langweilig wird, wenn ihr mal alle Kneipen, Parks und Restaurants abgeklappert habt. Auf Dauer abtörnend ist das ewige Nachladen und dass man immer mit dem PKW fahren muss, obwohl es nur ein kurzer Fußmarsch wäre. Hier würde man sich eine durchweg zugängliche Welt wie bei GTA wünschen. Das romantische Nachtleben der Sims bietet allerdings deutlich mehr Möglichkeiten als die Konkurrenz von Ubisoft, ist aber auch zugeknöpfter. Das macht das Add-On wiederum auch für jüngere Semester spielbar. Die Singles sind hingegen erotischer und erwachsener, bieten aber nur wenig außerhalb der eigenen WG-Wände.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2005)
Die Suche nach einem Sim-Partner war noch nie so unterhaltsam. Die doppelte Anzahl an Interaktionen ermöglicht viele Experimente, die Ab- und Antörner passen wunderbar. Ich muss immer wieder grinsen, wenn mein Sim eine Ohrfeige kassiert, weil er seine Angebetete nach ihrer Unterwäsche gefragt hat. Etwas anspruchsvoller hätten die Dates aber sein können.
WindowsIGN (Sep 12, 2005)
Nightlife is certainly worth the money if you're the kind of player that loves the social aspect more than the house aspect of the game, but it's doesn't seem as dense an addition as University was. Nevertheless, if you're a sims fan, most additions are welcome, and unless your sim household is super rich (so that you can afford to place all the new things in your house) the huge new downtown area will provide all sorts of fun new things for your sims to experience.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Oct, 2005)
Maxis schudt het stof van de leerboeken van zich af en voegt een aangenaam uitbreidingspakket toe aan de Sims-reeks.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 2005)
None of this stuff revolutionizes the gameplay model, but it does twist things up enough to keep fans interested. If you’re going stir-crazy with The Sims 2, then Nightlife just might be the perfect cure.
MacintoshMacworld (Mar 28, 2006)
If you’ve already tried The Sims 2 and don’t like it, The Sims 2 Nightlife won’t change your mind. But the new Pleasure Seeker aspiration and the addition of cars, vampires, and objects certainly add some flavor to this perennially popular series.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Sep 23, 2005)
Dit zou geen Sims-expansiepack zijn als het niet enkele probleempjes met het origineel oplost (zoals die er waren met de artificiële intelligentie en de slechte scrollende camera). Maar zoals altijd heeft dit expansiepack het warme Sims-water niet opnieuw uitgevonden en blijven de basics dezelfde. Het zorgt wel voor een gloednieuwe omgeving, een heel aantal leuke en interessante nieuwe features, plus enkele tweaks aan het origineel die ervoor moeten zorgen dat de fans weer enkele maanden zoet zijn - en voor nieuwkomers is het natuurlijk weer een uitgelezen moment om kennis te maken met de wondere wereld van de Sims.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Sep 12, 2005)
"Vida Noturna" é revolucionário? Obviamente que não. Porém, se o objetivo é prolongar a vida útil de "The Sims 2", então a missão foi cumprida. Os recursos inéditos dão novo fôlego aos relacionamentos amorosos, mas o jogo continua basicamente o mesmo. Com certeza, o pacote de expansão é suficiente para entreter os fãs do best-sellers por mais alguns meses - tempo suficiente para que chegue às prateleiras uma próxima expansão.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 13, 2005)
Unfortunately, this wouldn't be a Sims expansion pack if it actually fixed certain key problems, like occasionally forgetful artificial intelligence for sims and the sluggish scrolling camera, which has been around since the original game in 1999. But like every single Sims expansion pack in history, Nightlife didn't set out to fix The Sims' basic issues or to reinvent the wheel. What it does do is offer plenty of new areas to build outdoor lots and some interesting new features and tweaks that give The Sims 2 a fresh coat of paint for its many fans.
WindowsGameSpy (Sep 12, 2005)
Unlike Sims 2 University, which added a whole new age, new careers, and new ways to radically change your Sims, Nightlife doesn't change Sims 2 with any bold strokes. Still, just about every feature added in the expansion works and works well, enhancing if not revolutionizing the game. It's not a must-have, but if you get a lot of enjoyment out of Sims 2, it's definitely worth the money for the new social elements, the great downtown, and the happy-go-lucky Vampires. Sims 2: Nightlife is out this week. Check out the links below for more information or swing by PlanetTheSims, our own site dedicated to the franchise.
75 (Sep 15, 2005)
On pouvait craindre un simple clone de Surprise-Partie, mais pas du tout. L'aspect drague et rendez-vous permet de donner un peu d'épaisseur à la vie sentimentale des Sims. Les rencarts prennent l'allure de petits défis dans lesquels on fait tout pour rendre nos amoureux heureux.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Oct 16, 2005)
All in all, The Sims 2 Nightlife is a decent expansion of the original game, although it has a couple of annoying bugs. It is great fun for any Sims fan, but if you aren't, there is no point in spending your money.
74 (Oct 27, 2005)
Now that I've played Nightlife for a couple of days, I remain with a "could it be some more please"-feeling, mainly because most of the new stuff has also been in Hot Date. Tired of The Sims 2? Then Nightlife will keep you busy for a couple of weeks. It's good milk, even though it isn't much.
WindowsGame Freaks 365 (2005)
In retrospect, when looking back on this game, I really felt bored. Dating is supposed to be fun, but this expansion pack fails at that. It's too short, too easy, and the lack of any real content makes me suggest that you pass on this expansion pack unless you're an unbelievably big Sims fan.
WindowsWorth Playing (Sep 25, 2005)
Overall, The Sims 2: Nightlife is a solid expansion, although I really wouldn't call it a must-have because it's a little light on content for its price tag. It does add some new aspects to the game, as well as new features for movie makers (the ability to max out and stop the decay of motives as well as being able to turn off thought and speech bubbles). However, there are still various A.I. problems at times with the Sims memories, and I really wish you would streamline the camera movement more. With all the expansions for the Sims, you really have to take them at face novelty value.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jul 07, 2006)
I was content with just building my career and expanding my house to put more fancy things in it so the whole dating and nightlife aspect did not appeal to me as much. But for those yearning to get out of the house and meet some new Sims, Sims 2: Nightlife is definitely worth your own hard earned Simoleons. And even though the expansion is geared toward being more social, both parties will have plenty to do until the next expansion arrives.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Oct, 2005)
After playing The Sims 2 University, I was hopeful that the following expansions would present similar shifts in gameplay dynamics that result in a practically new game. Sadly, Nightlife misses this opportunity and reverts back to the old formula, taking the existing mechanics and just adding a few new bells, whistles, and (inexplicably) the chance to become a day-fearing vampire.
Windows1UP (Sep 14, 2005)
Nightlife -- it's a lot of work for flashes of scandalous fun, and not as much reward in the long run. Neither the new Aspiration nor the dating mini-game brings very much to the gameplay, and that's the crux of the problem. Sims 2: University gave you real chances to expand the horizons of your Sims, to learn and see new things. Sims 2: Nightlife gives your Sims more of a chance to waste their life, drinking their way through the local scene and getting into relationships you regret until you forget about them. Accurate enough, sure, but it would be nice if Nightlife brought some more lasting impact.
60 (UK) (Oct 11, 2005)
It's a solid add-on pack, with its joys only really curtailed by the problems of the Sims 2 itself. While you can date at home, it's most fun when you actually make it a social event and head out to a bar, restaurant or art gallery. Problem is, with the lengthy time it takes to move between any location in the Sims 2 - especially if you're only going to be there for the few minutes a date takes up - is particularly taxing. This delay leads to an unwillingness in the player to actually go and experience the main things in the add-on pack provides. The more patient Sims player may be able to put up with us, but most of us will want a gaming partner who moves a little quicker.
MacintoshMacLife (Aug 01, 2006)
Nightlife doesn't necessarily add an integral new dimension to the game, but it brings enough fun and substance to the franchise that hardcore Sims fans won't want to miss it.
WindowsGamer 2.0 (Sep 21, 2005)
In conclusion, Nightlife looks much the same as before, sounds much the same, and plays much the same. On this front, we’d rather spend a night in with the original than shell out the money for this second expansion.
WindowsGamekult (Sep 20, 2005)
Cette nouvelle option permet d'inviter un ou des amis pour une soirée dûment jugée et chronométrée : un compteur jauge le moment passé par tous les convives, bon ou mauvais, et on dispose d'un temps limité pour faire au mieux avec à la clé quelques bonus. Sympa, mais pas indispensable. Comme l'extension dans son ensemble, en fait : elle fait son travail, mais sans apporter autre chose que des lieux en plus, un léger indicateur de sentiments supplémentaire et une aspiration Plaisir pour les personnages nouvellement créés. C'est peu, pour une extension certes correcte mais nettement moins ambitieuse que la précédente.