The Sims 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

We start in this little town
Creating our Sim
Choosing traits for our Sim
We pick a lifetime wish for our Sim - everyone needs a purpose
Our "family" - obviously we are starting as a single household
Buying a house: We can't be too picky - our budget is limited
Our Sim in front of the new house
The house is unfurnished - but we are about to change that
Looking for a job. But our Sim is more like a bookworm. Another day...
Training our Sim's artistic skills
A close-up. The bar above his head indicates the learning progress
He loves to read - perfect match for his traits
We bought a car to take our Sim to the local library
Time for Dinner (for one)
The first day has passed by quickly. Our tired Sim takes a good night's sleep
The new day starts by taking a luxurious shower

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Character Creation
Havin' a party.
Well I think we've to redecorate a little soon.
And the game still only got a Teen-Rating.
Entertaining some random people in the park to get my skill up.
Playing skate on an otherwise fictious console.
Nothing is more boring than fishing - except for watching your sim fish...
Some protesters protesting something.
Nice house - too bad it's haunted.
Don't look in the lower left corner - it's not officially there. Instead focus on decoration of the rest of the house.
Looking or a job.
Nice look at the town hall.
Getting to know a girl in the gym.
Playing an adventure-game and deciding what my sim should do.
While Ivashana is visiting the bookstore I look around the neigbourhood.
Buying some food.
Your Sim can be an artist ...
... or a Chef!
The diner! Go here to pursue a career in cooking ... or just to have a feast.
Your sims can take a cab to their destination.
Someone broke in!
A birds-eye view of the Seamless city
School bus sitting outside to take the youngsters to school.