The Sims: Makin' Magic Screenshots

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Windows version

Magic Town has six magic community lots, as well as three residential lots.
The Vampiress is a new NPC, and will sell you spell ingredients.
As with the last few expansions, Magic Town is introduced to you right away.
The Mystery Man drops off your magic starter kit, without a word.
All the popups make it easy to get into Makin' Magic's more complicated designs.
The new loading screen, showing a Sim jumping down a black hole, which leads to Magic Town.
In Magic Town, you can go on a rollercoaster ride...
... or play some mini-golf.
You can harvest bees to gain Honey or Beeswax, both spell ingredients.
You can compete in Duels to own MagiCoin, the currency of Magic Town.
One of the first spells you get, turn your friends, family and enemies into toads.