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Windows version

Many real life celebrity talent is used, such as Avril Lavigne here.
Lana, the studio director, gets you adjusted to life in Studio Town.
Geez, what a bitch. Even though I'm a famous loser, she could've been nicer.
One way to get noticed; rant about god knows what to people who really couldn't care.
The skydiving simulator is fun. It increases fun, body, and social with any nearby people who like you.
Here I am, singing a rock song, to two people. I'm number one now!
Sims with stars above their heads are famous, and you should chat with them at every opportunity.
One of the new features is Alfred the butler, who does the work of maid, gardener, chef, and other miscellaneous chores.
The scuba diving tank. Great way to relieve stress.
Don't we all want a home massuse?
Don't want to be an actor or musician? You can be a fashion model!
Here I am, doing a photo shoot for none other than The Sims: Vacation!
Unline real life, the Papparazzi are useful in helping you get messages to fans.
Neglect your fans, and one of them may become obsessed, stalk you, and lay flowers around your house.
Acting in an emergency scene for the first time.
Give a fan a kiss, and they jump for joy and get excited.
The new loading screen, which is suited perfectly for the theme of the expansion.
Just look Hot Date and Vacation, you can demolish and rebuild any Studio Town lot.
Once you get adapt at something, you can win an award!
You can then display that award on the award stand, and be the envy of your friends!
This is me, decked out in leather, making a rock music video.
I am now able to act in real movies! One more star and I'll be the superstar of SimCity!
The pop music videos are exagerrated, such as me flying. Wait, where are the strings?
My first real movie! I'm the good guy (on the table) trying to kill the bad guy.
Here's the next scene, with me dying. The director hated my acting.
Looks like being dead didn't stop Marilyn Monroe from making a cameo.
Once you get famous, fans will start dropping by your house as part of a tour.
Performing perfectly nets you more money, and your fame rating goes up even higher.
Marilyn Manroe has dropped by to award me with the coveted Simmy! They really love me!
Five stars... a superstar... top of the ladder... the ultimate goal... the end.