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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 2002)
Unleashed is an invaluable addition to The Sims family and provides a ton of new distractions for all Sims freaks everywhere. Fans will appreciate the innovative dynamics and interactions that Unleashed brings to the original. Take the adorable pets and couple them with all the new skins, objects, jobs, and places, and it practically feels like a brand-new game. Yet another something worthy to tide us over until The Sims Online goes live.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Sep 30, 2002)
"O Bicho vai Pegar" certamente é a mais atraente de todas as expansões até agora, e vale o investimento. Mas chegou o ponto em que a Maxis precisa deixar o jogo morrer enquanto ainda está no topo e preparar algo novo para substituí-lo.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Jul 13, 2003)
Neither this nor any of the expansions will redeem the original game for those who couldn’t get into it, but Sims Unleashed definitely adds value for the player who still spends a lot of hours with his sims, or who drifted away because the good times had gone a bit stale.
WindowsGameZone (Oct 01, 2002)
The only failing this program has is that it is an expansion, requiring other programs (if you have Livin’ Large, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation – you understand how these games must be installed in the correct order for them to work properly) to run. But there is no denying that what this expansion brings to the series is wonderful. This series just keeps getting better and better.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Feb 10, 2003)
After a feeling of disappointment after the release of Sims Vacation, my faith in the Sims series has been revived by Unleashed. Its fresh spin on game play is quite enjoyable, and I recommend it highly for everyone who has ever enjoyed playing The Sims. I would even recommend this add-on to people pondering the idea of owning a pet. It will give them a a little look into just how much responsibility ownership of a pet can be.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Nov 10, 2002)
Break out the dog biscuits and catnip! Run out and pick up some flea collars! With The Sims Unleashed, the world of the Sims finally provides pets for you to bring into their virtual lives with the newest expansion to the biggest selling PC software title of all time. Although most people will be bringing dogs and cats into their Sims household, there are also birds, turtles, fish and even iguanas for your Sims to adopt and call their very own.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2002)
Kurz: Tierisch gut drauf bereichert die Sims-Welt mit spannenden und sinnvollen Features – Fans kaufen’s.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 30, 2003)
As far as expansion packs go, Unleashed offers a great deal of new gameplay to the Sims experience. Training pets is fun, challenging and rewarding. Breeding pets is probably just as enjoyable, if only I could find some non-lesbian cats. Not that I don’t love lesbians, but when it comes to breeding, things just don’t work. Old Town is very hip; I totally dig the Paris-style pet-friendly cafes. Finally, I like the ability for Sims to garden, as I’ve always enjoyed the idea of gardening, but hate actually being outside. All in all, I urge all Sims fans to go and fetch Unleashed.
WindowsGame Over Online (Oct 23, 2002)
Now that I think of it, even Friends had their own pets on the show to add to the comedy. And that's what Unleashed brings to The Sims too. I still have hopes for the nearly three-year old The Sims. Maybe one day, they will fulfill my dream of having valets, butlers, footmen, maids and cooks work for my Sim, not unlike the upstairs characters in Robert Altman's Gosford Park. A Sims household where the British upstairs/downstairs drama is simulated--now that would be a fine piece of entertainment.
WindowsGameSpy (Oct 26, 2002)
Of all the expansions, Hot Date and Unleashed give you the most bang for the buck. In either case, they add a great deal of interactions to the core game while also expanding your playground with bigger neighborhoods or downtowns to explore. If having your Sims kick around plastic pink lawn flamingos is beginning to lose its luster, and the $30 price tag doesn't discourage you, The Sims Unleashed is a great way to breathe new life into a classic game.
MacintoshMac Addict (May, 2003)
Once you have your pet, you provide for it, train it, clean up after it, and teach it tricks. You can't take on the role of the pet, but it does show up in the mood bar, and you can interact with it on many levels, from hugging it to scolding it. A dog truly is a Sim's best friend, as it comes to greet you every day when you come home from work. It's pretty heartwarming--at least, as heartwarming as a computer game can get.
MacintoshmacHOME (2003)
One downfall to Unleashed is how much RAM you need to accommodate all the new goodies. And the faster your CD drive, the better. Ongoing disappointments include mediocre graphics and a clunky interface. Otherwise, Sims junkies will find everything they've been begging the developers for.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 30, 2002)
The worst thing about these problems is that they keep you from doing all the interesting new things you want to be doing in The Sims: Unleashed--playing with or training your pets, building up a garden, or taking your family out for a trip to town. You could say that expansion packs for The Sims have become formulaic--that they all add a great deal of new content without really fixing any of the original game's flaws--but if you're a fan of The Sims, you'll probably end up enjoying Unleashed as much as the previous expansions.
80 (Jan 15, 2004)
It had been at least a year since last I played The Sims. After I upgrading my machine, I just didn't get around to reloading that particular title. However, as I browsed the shelves of my local computer store, I came across Unleashed. At long last, Maxis gave Sims fans something they'd been wanting since the release of the first title: pets! Budgies, love birds, iguanas, turtles, goldfish, and, of course, cats and dogs, are all now available for Sims to welcome into their homes.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Nov, 2002)
The Sims Beestenboel is een van de betere add-ons die voor The Sims verschenen is. Woef! Woef! Oeps; we moeten echt stoppen. Rakker de Hond moet uitgelaten worden voordat hij ons huis molesteert.
WindowsGame Revolution (Oct 01, 2002)
The Sims: Unleashed is another solid expansion which relies on adding depth and fun rather than tons of goodies, although there are new walls, floors and objects, too. The available number of lots alone puts this expansion on the wish list of any hardcore Sims fan and adds a good deal of incentive to keep on playing.
75 (Oct 09, 2002)
Un add-on plutôt sympathique et finalement assez riche en nouveautés et possibilités. Le comportement des animaux de compagnie est bien pensé et leur panneau «mode de vie» vous fera comprendre que certains d'entre eux sont désormais des Sims à part entière.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Nov 03, 2002)
I must admit that The Sims: Unleashed isn't so revolutionary as The Sims : Hot Date, but it's brings again some enjoyable gameplay. However I hope that after so many expansions packs EA will deliver a bit more than this. Anyway, those who have purchased the four previous expansion packs will likely find this worth buying.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Oct 31, 2002)
De grootste Sims add-on tot nu toe, maar met minder inhoud dan z'n voorgangers. Al blijven de diertjes wel erg leuk. Voor de fans.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct 15, 2002)
Das fünfte Add-on für Die Sims ist etwas fürs Herz. Da krächzen Papageien die ganze Nacht vor sich hin, Hunde durchwühlen den Garten, Katzen trollen in der Küche herum. Als wenn das nicht schlimm genug wäre, verwüsten Mäuse und Waschbären die Gemüsebeete und die Nachbarin will gemeinsam Gassi gehen.
WindowsAll Game Guide (2002)
This kind of sloppiness is a big step backwards. It's especially disappointing considering designers have literally had years to perfect the flow of the game. Slowdown and jerky animations seem more prevalent as each new expansion pack is installed; an understandable symptom of the now massive amount of objects and interactions, but less excusable considering that the system requirements for Unleashed are nearly double those of the original game. The fact is, however, that most fans ultimately will forgive this expansion's glitches. Maxis has done a decent job giving players something they've wanted since the start. Even for non-pet-loving Sims fans, this add-on brings a new layer of interaction -- another nuance -- that makes the world of the Sims, and all its resident characters, a little more complete. For those who have been waiting over two years to have pets for their Sims, your begging has finally been rewarded.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Dec, 2002)
Dit is alweer de vijfde add-on pack van The Sims en ik vind dat het mooi is geweest. Ik eis van Maxis dat ze al haar tijd in The Sims Online stopt, er is nu genoeg uitgemelkt. Het idee om huisdieren te houden is overigens best wel een geinige aanvulling. Kortom; het is allemaal weer funny maar ook erg voorspelbaar en al komen er nog 367 The Sims add-ons uit, dit was echt de laatste die ik heb besproken!
70 (Jan 09, 2003)
Et voilà un add-on de plus. Après nous avoir changé la vie, avoir fait la teuf comme des dingues, après s'être roulés des galoches et plus si affinités, après s'être reposés en vacances, les Sims reviennent une fois de plus avec des compagnons à poils...
WindowsActionTrip (Oct 03, 2002)
Maxis is an experienced company that has been way too long on the market to make a big mistake, so "The Sims: Unleashed" basically sticks to the proven concepts of the original game. Still, unlike "Hot Date" and "Vacation," which gave you a sort of a goal, this latest expansion pack somehow takes you back to the game's basics, with no particular goal in mind. Having as many animals as possible simply couldn't be the goal of this game as it is already swarming with them to begin with. This add-on is obviously the last one before the revolutionary and eagerly expected "The Sims: Online." I sincerely hope that they will redesign both characters and items which already look a little bit outdated. A couple of hundreds of polygons per model more or some facial expressions wouldn't hurt, would they?
60 (UK) (Oct 06, 2002)
Fans of The Sims should and will buy Unleashed. It's one of the better expansions so far. Sadly though, those of you who played the original game until boredom set in will find nothing here to tempt you back. Bow-wow.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Feb 24, 2003)
Now, this is the point in the review where I would normally complain about the game's performance. I won't do it here, though, because it's obviously doing no one any good. The performance of The Sims has been extremely poor on lower end machines since Hot Date was released, and it's not getting any better, so I assume there's a valid reason for this. As a result, we moved our copy of The Sims from the 500MHz G3 iBook to the 867MHz G4 Quicksilver, and things are much better. I realize that most of you aren't afforded this option, and I'm sorry. It's either build a new house or move off the block, your Sims neighbors are telling you. It's progress...suburban development.
WindowsPC Gamer UK (Dec, 2002)
Another six months, another Sims expansion pack. Another six months, another £20. Another six months and I'm going to find Will Wright and put him into a poorly decorated house, turn off his free will, and remove all the toilets.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Nov, 2002)
Un add-on de plus pour The Sims. Ce n'est certainement pas l'un des plus mauvais, mais sans nul doute l'un des plus déprimants. Comme pour les autres extensions, les fanatiques du jeu seront aux anges et pouponneront cette fois-ci leurs "pets", quant aux autres, ils seront toujours aussi dépités.
WindowsPCG (Nov, 2002)
Jag anser att alla expansioner som släpps innan The Sims Online är dåliga sätt att mjölka pengar ur trånande fans. Ser man förbi detta är Unleashed ändå det sämsta av de fem hittills släppta tilläggen. Att städa efter en busig katt eller gå ut med en hund är inte vad jag definierar som kul till att börja med, och att behöva göra samma sak dag ut och dag in i en virtuell värld intensifierar mitt ogillande ytterligare.