There's no place like gnome...Contributed by Vaelor (381) on Nov 01, 2004.

In Buy Mode, in the Miscellaneous category, under the Creativity subcategory, you will find a gnome carving table designed to raise your Mechanical skill.

Like the painter's easel (and vegetable gardens in expansion packs), you can sell the gnomes that are made while you're raising your stats. However with a very high Mechanical skills, your gnomes end up being worth $100 each! Considering that a skilled Sim can carve one gnome every 1-2 seconds real-time when playing in fast mode, an unemployed Sim that spends all his free time carving gnomes can earn several thousand dollars a day at the gnomes table - more profitable than almost every career in the game if you keep your Sim happy and busy!

If you want to earn huge bundles of money without using the 'rosebud' cheat code, set up a family of a couple of adults, a couple of kids, a couple of gnome tables and a couple of computers. Use this gnome building tip and the previously mentioned child labor tip, and your family can just stay at home and earn the big $$$ without ever having to set foot in a car or school bus!

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