SIMSpace Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen. The ad blurb boasts photo quality bitmapped graphics and here they are. After this the player must enter their name.
This screenshot shows the game loading the starship's bridge. It is incomplete because on a slow machine it will take a while to get there.
This is the main game screen fully loaded. All the buttons do something. Here HQ is sending a mission briefing
In the shareware version there is only one mission. After receiving the mission briefing the game presents the player with several information screens like this
The mission is to stop Target 1 leaving the solar system. Here the player is selecting that ship as their primary target. Speed is important as other ships will try to intervene
Once the target has been selected there's a very brief view of it before the player is returned to the bridge
Blast! I cannot engage the target because it is too far away
Now we're close enough to attack but am I shooting at it or is it shooting at me?
I am using 'autoshields' and they have just activated sending the ship to 'Condition Red', I guess the target is firing back
I hope the target is destroyed soon because it's getting a bit close
Mission successful
When a mission is completed the player is shown a summary of their achievements to date
The shareware version contains just one, brief mission. As the player exits the game displays this screen which promises much more in the full game
On the menu bar in the main starship bridge screen is a help button. Click on that and then on any other button on the screen and the game displays appropriate help text like this