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Nintendo 64 11 3.7
Wii 8 4.1
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Combined User Score 19 3.9

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Nintendo 64Insert Credit (Jun 25, 2002)
There are moments that are awe-inspiring and there are other times that make you want to look down on those wacky Japanese. But once you get down the nitty-gritty, Sin and Punishment is a classic story of well-meaning gameplay defeating its other shortcomings. Despite the graphics, music, and voice acting (and I’m not so keen on the sound effects either), this beautiful collaboration between Nintendo and Treasure has given life to what could possibly be one of the best games for the console. Perhaps now, the Nintendo 64 can rest easy in its grave.
WiiOfficial Nintendo Magazine (Jan 10, 2008)
If you're interested in shoot 'em ups in any way, this is essential, despite the extra points needed to buy it. Get it now, you won't regret it!
Nintendo 64Video Games (Jan, 2001)
Zwischen den Nerven aufreibenden Gefechten wird die durchaus interessante Geschichte des Spiels in für N64-Verhältnisse aufwändigen Zwischensequenzen weiter erzählt, und das sogar mit glasklarer, umfangreicher englischer Sprachausgabe. Die einzelnen Stages, Kameraeinstellungen und Effektfeuerwerke sind insgesamt derart liebevoll gemacht, dass man S&P im Gegensatz zum etwas seelenlosen Cannon Spike gerne immer wieder einlegt - das Metal Slug-Syndrom eben! Dieses Spiel gehört definitiv in jede gute N64-Sammlung: Unbedingt holen!
90 (UK) (Sep 29, 2007)
It looks absolutely fantastic - one of the best looking games on the N64 - and just keeps throwing new enemies at you, from swarms of tiny little gits to enormous screen-filling monstrosities. There's even a giant crab that you can hit for…hey, you know the drill. While we can't condone the price hike, there's no denying Sin and Punishment is one of the more exciting games on the Virtual Console right now.
WiiNintendo Life (Sep 29, 2007)
To put it simply, S&P is a true classic. It’s a practically faultless shooter and (in my opinion at least) the pinnacle of the N64’s output; make no mistake about it, this is worth every penny.
Nintendo (Jan 27, 2010)
N'ayons pas peur des mots, ce jeu est un chef-d'oeuvre. Les développeurs de chez Treasure avaient déjà prouvé par le passé qu'ils étaient capables de créer de grands jeux comme Alien Soldier ou Radiant Silvergun. Avec Sin and Punishment, ils signent une fois de plus un jeu d'exception qui clôt magistralement la vie de la Nintendo 64.
WiiThunderbolt Games (Jan 21, 2008)
Forget Star Fox 64. Never mind Ghost Squad. Give Umbrella Chronicles a rest. If you want to play a great rail shooting game, get on the Virtual Console and download this game. Yes, it’s a relatively expensive addition to your Wii. But that twelve bucks grants you access to one of the great unsung gems available on the console. The plot may be nonsensical and the cutscenes might seem laughably bad, but the wonderfully crafted gameplay more than makes up for it. The wide variety of enemies, obstacles, and level designs are refreshingly original and interesting. Being able to control your character from a third-person perspective is a great change from simply aiming at whatever pops up on the screen. With tons of stunning visuals and demanding gameplay, this is definitely a game that’ll keep you coming back for more. So who cares if it doesn’t make sense at all?
Nintendo 64IGN (Nov 27, 2000)
There is one simple fact you need to understand: you don't really need to know Japanese to play this game. There are about eight choices on the main menu, but after some trial and error you'll know exactly what is what. Personally, I found Sin and Punishment to be one of the best games to ever grace the N64.
WiiIGN (Oct 02, 2007)
Download Sin & Punishment not just because you'll be getting an outstanding game, but also because you'll be voicing your support for the addition of more import titles to the Virtual Console in the future. Nintendo's made a wise decision in offering this product to American gamers, finally, after such a long time. Let's just hope they keep it up, and that we don't have to wait for the next major import release for another seven years.
WiiNintendojo (2007)
Sin and Punishment offered a perfect mix of hardcore shooter design and outstanding production values back in 2000 and has aged surprisingly well. After you get past the 64-bit graphics, the solid gameplay will grab your attention and keep you playing to the end. Still, the run-and-gun style is ultimately one dimensional and the short length will upset those who might not like the story or who are not high score junkies, but the game is definitely worth experiencing at least once for some of you and many more times for most.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 2000)
Nichtsdestotrotz fesselt Sin and Punishment den Spieler an den Bildschirm und lässt ihn erst wieder los, wenn auch der letzte Mutant ins Gras gebissen hat, was leider viel zu schnell geschieht. Bis zum frühen Ende kann man den Controller aber nicht aus der Hand legen, denn Sin and Punishment spielt sich einfach prächtig. Hoffentlich kommt bald eine PAL-Version, denn der teure Japan-Import dürfte nur für Hardcore-Shooter-Fans in Frage kommen.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo (Jul 15, 2001)
Sin and Punishment is, in essence, videogame crack. It's a sensory overload of explosions, lighting effects, and levels that are thick with more enemies than you shake your gun at. S&P is a throwback to the crazy days of games like Space Harrier when videogames tested the quickness of your reflexes and couldn't care less about plot development or thought-provoking puzzles. The bizarre, practically random nature of the plot (involving the military, psychics, and mutant, talking cats in a post-apocalyptic world) combined with the laughable dialogue and voice-acting just makes the over-the-top gameplay that much more fun. You don't need to know a lick of Japanese to play this game, and it's one of the few titles for the N64 still available from many importers -- so if you've got the cash, it's well worth the effort. Don't just sit around counting the hours until GameCube arrives, do yourself a favor and have one last bit of fun with your N64 by indulging in a little Sin and Punishment.
Wii UFNintendo (Oct 14, 2015)
Curto mas muito divertido, Sin and Punishment é uma experiência frenética e viciante que 15 anos depois, ainda se joga de forma exemplar. Mesmo sendo datado em alguns parâmetros, é recomendado aos fãs da Treasure e aos fãs do género.
WiiDigitally Downloaded (May 12, 2012)
So long as the prospect of paying $12 USD for a short game doesn’t bother you, Sin & Punishment should satisfy your arcade shooter needs. It’s top-notch in terms of gameplay and presentation, so that should count for something.
Nintendo 64Retroage (Jan 30, 2008)
Za pomocą analoga sterujemy celownikiem, a dzięki przyciskom C i R mamy kontrolę nad postacią, Z i A służą do posługiwania się bronią. Przed właściwą rozgrywką możemy potrenować na specjalnie przygotowanym torze, co pozwoli doskonalić się w różnych manewrach, niezbędnych by przetrwać tą szaleńczą przygodę.
WiiGaming Target (Oct 26, 2007)
Fans of Treasure’s previous (and subsequent) shooters will be very happy with Sin & Punishment. The game is also similar enough to Star Fox 64 (probably the greatest on-rails shooter ever) that fans of that game can almost treat Sin & Punishment as a companion game. Basically, if you are a shooter fan, you should consider the 1200 Wii Points needed for Sin & Punishment as good as spent.
Nintendo 64Cubed3 (Sep 28, 2007)
Sin & Punishment is one game that did not need much translation to bring to the West, and has thankfully now made the leap courtesy of the Wii's download service. This wondrous mixture of Nintendo goodness and Treasure mayhem should definitely not be overlooked now we have all been given the chance to play it - be sure to download it as soon as possible!
WiiMag'64 (Apr 17, 2011)
Eingefleischte 2D-Shooter-Veteranen sollten dem Spiel auf jeden Fall eine Chance geben und die Eingewöhnungszeit bei diesem 3D-Shooter in Kauf nehmen. Denn dann offenbart sich das, was einen guten Shooter – egal ob nun in 2D oder 3D – ausmacht: Fabelhaft in Szene gesetzte Baller-Action, die mit stimmungsvollen Zwischensequenzen und für Nintendo 64-Verhältnisse grandioser Optik das Gamepad zum Glühen bringt. Richtig schade ist allerdings der vergurkte Zwei-Spieler-Modus, der ein richtiges Koop-Abenteuer schmerzhaft vermissen lässt.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Dec 07, 2000)
Sin and Punishment is a lot of fun, but the game's complete lack of difficulty and fairly short length really hurt it. If you can remember to double-jump over incoming shots and tap the Z button every time someone gets close enough to feel your sword, you can walk through Sin and Punishment in about two hours. The story adds a lot to the game, but not so much that you'll be replaying the game over and over again. While the game is enough of a technical and artistic achievement to warrant a US release, no plans to do so have been announced as of this writing.