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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title / Main Menu
Options screen
A blind girl with her dog... she seems to be smacking something (note that cutscenes are using ingame graphics)
Kyoya Suda seems surprised by what he's witnessing
Hm, nothing useful in these barrels
Hiding behind the truck from the zombie cop (duh, but with a flashlight turned on)
You can check your character's info as you'll be switching them constantly
Looking at the area map
You die easily in this game, and when you do, the camera switches to your killer's eyes as you crumple down
Risa Onda... another lost soul in this haunted place
Didn't anyone tell you it's not wise to walk with a flashlight over a spooky places?
You can turn off your flashlight, but if shibito has one too, you're far from invisible
Link navigator helps you remember the order of stories you played and with whom
You can observe situation from your allies as well as from nearby shibitos
Different character may have different commands at his/her disposal
You're lucky if your character has a gun, but even so, bullets aren't to be wasted
In the archive you can see every item picked by any of the characters you controlled so far
Looking through the shibito (note the crosses he sees, that marks where you are)
The closer you let shibito come, more precise you'll be and damage rate to shibito will be higher
Note that you cannot kill a shibito, it won't take too long before they get up and continue their chase after you, and next time, you won't have any more bullets to protect yourself

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