Sōkō Hime Baldrfist Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro: mechas...
...and anime girls
Main menu
Fighter selection
Each fighter has her own backgrounds story...
...with goofy graphics
Mecha menu and schedule
Training fights
Mecha customization
Let's get it rollin'!
Victory spoils
Another training fight. Enjoying the view and firing missiles
New opponent in sexy clothes
Battle on a beautiful reflecting floor!
Tough fight in an urban area. I don't seem to earn much...
Oh no! Game over!..
The obligatory Catholic-like nun
Despite the skimpy clothes, she is a capable fighter
Battle in a pit. Shooting cannons
I won, and now there will be a sex scene
Battle in a forest. Aiming precisely
She quit this job to be a fighter
Battle on a city wall
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!
Special attack. Nice effects
Romantic story?..
Battle in a gray area
I didn't know nuns wore such underwear...
...or enjoyed such activities
Finally a girl who wears clothes that actually conceal something