Skarbnik Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Manual protection check
Choose character
Location loading screen
Start location
Location description with all allowed directions
Dead end
Mining pick
Passage locked by a huge rock
Buried mine entrance
Heap of rags
Combining objects
Patron's saint of miners shrine
Dangerous rats hidden in the darkness
Laser eyed robot
Broken pump and a flooded chamber
Feed for horse
Hungry horse is watching the golden key
Bottle with an unspecified liquid
Guard with machine gun
Explosives depot
Red fire extinguisher
Piece of cord
Magnetic card
Is that a train?
I guess I should move aside...
Adventure failed
Empty lamp
Steel hook
Steel tube
Machine gun connected to a camera
Long rope
Few meters of cord
Spider may be used as a weapon
Giant blocking rock destroyed
Shaft to the lower level
First computer room
Inside the office
Locked doors
Skarbnik computer
Arachnophobic guardian
Crooked wire
Shaft elevator
Way out found