Skate or Die Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Sign in and compete.
Game options.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Different comments come up in different parts of the main menu
Plenty of colour options on the C64 version
Choose your event
The initial ramp
A decent points bonus
Not quite managing the high jump
Make sure to pass through the gates
Over-clubbed it
Looks like I'll do badly at Swim or Die as well
Finishing the downhill
Jam combat
I came off worse in this contact, as he kicked me
You need to go around the fence
I won
The guys to take on in the pit
Need to get closer
You win this round
High scores

DOS version

Title Screen
Pick your poison
Rodney's Skate Shop
Half-pipe stunts
Downhill Jam
Downhill Race
Choose your opponent
Pool Joust

NES version

Title screen.
A cool and "interactive" skate shop.
Inserting your name.
Choose a event in the map screen.
The freestyle event.
Performing a trick.
The high jump event.
You wish that was measured in meters...
The jam event, selecting goofy foot mode (press up to accelerate, down to break, left to turn right and right to turn left).
The course has a lot of possible tricks to be performed.
Jumping over the police car for extra points.
The race event.
In this one, you'll compete solo. Once again, perform tricks to earn more points.
Selecting opponent to the joust event.
Lester wipes the pool floor.
The high scores table. I could have done better...

ZX Spectrum version

The game's title screen
This is the main menu screen. Here the player can either practice or compete
All actions start at the skate shop. From here the player directs their character down the street appropriate to the sub game / skate board move at which they want top practice
This time he's off to high jump practice. Similar screens are displayed while the game loads the other moves. Each move has its own load screen complete with pretty picture
By pressing left / right the player builds up speed. At the height of the jump the player is supposed to hit FIRE to record their score. Just as exciting as the real thing.
This is 'The Jam' where the player tries to hit or kick a computer opponent while moving down a course with obstacles. The pane on the right does seem to resemble the course
This is the Race, a down hill slalom. The pane on the right represents the slalom but does not show the players position, the obstacles, or the actual course
This is the freestyle section. By hitting keys as the character builds up speed the player can perform trick moves and score points
Alternatively, the character falls over. This can happen a lot