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There are very few twists or variations in this game, and the controls require a minimum of skill or experience— which means this game would probably go over better with little brother or sister than with real flying aces. It's got the charm of Cosmic Ark, but without the graphics or sophisticated gameplay. A few more enemies might have helped, like medical lab researchers looking for specimens. But the simplicity has a certain appeal— that is, unless you're a gorilla.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (Jan 15, 2018)
Sky Skipper does not have the greatest reputation in the (admittedly limited) Atari 2600 blogosphere. However, I thought it was okay – if a little repetitive – and featured some classic video game mechanics. The idea that you can crash into a cloud is a little stupid even by the standards of video games of the time, but like I said, you have to approach these things abstractly. I hope the Nintendo original eventually makes it to the Virtual Console everyone is talking about these days.
Atari 2600Atari HQ (2001)
Sky Skipper is a decent port of a so-so coin-op, so if you liked the original, (I've never SEEN the coin-op) you'll probably get some enjoyment out of the 2600 version.
Atari 2600All Game Guide (1998)
Overall, Sky Skipper is one of the lesser titles in the Parker Brothers library of games, but it will test your piloting skills.
Atari 2600Tilt (Jul, 1983)
Assez sommaire, mais avantagé par des bruitages réussis, Sky skipper s'adresse avant tout aux plus petits.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Jan 20, 2007)
Sky Skipper is one of those brain-dead, tedious titles that will leave you asking, "What's the point?" Why a respectable company like Parker Bros. would put their name on a piece of junk like this is anybody's guess.