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Fun for its time DOS Tony Van (2688)

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Amiga 2 3.4
Atari ST 1 4.0
DOS 6 3.1
Combined MobyScore 9 3.3

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AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
Skychase could have been improved by using solid graphics and enhancing the sound, however, as it stands, it remains incredibly exciting to play. While satisfying in one player mode, the real fun and challenge is to be had is with two players. The only thing missing is the option for modem play, and an ejector seat!
AmigaACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Visually, Sky Chase has limited appeal, but as a combative dogfighting game it has little competition (but see the multi-player games feature this ish). It's a long way from a proper flight sim, has a minimal game area, no exploration or strategy element and essentially zero gameplay - but actually facing an opponent with brains (human or otherwise) or arguably worth all of those.
AmigaST/Amiga Format
Dual-screen aerial combat simulations are something of a rarity on any machine. On 16-bitters, Sky Chase is a first. If the graphic detail were more substantial we'd be dealing with something very special. As it is we're looking at an above average shoot-em-up employing smooth screen routines to convey the performance capabilities of a range of advanced fighters. Where Sky Chase really scores though is in its provision of one-to-one combat for two players. When you're up there with a friend as your for you won't have time to analyse the graphics.
Atari STAtari ST User
Flight simulator purists may scoff at the game's simplicity and arcade freaks yawn at its graphics and effects. In trying to please everyone Image Works has undoubtedly compromised with both of these main game playing aspects of Sky Chase. Nonetheless, I think the company has still come up with a good, playable end product that has a lot to offer.
Atari STThe One
The ST interpretation is slightly faster than Its Commodore counterpart, and as a result is a tad more playable. The title tune and spot effects are still nothing to write home about, but as a two player head to head combat game it successfully manages to hold Its fudge.
AmigaThe One
As a game however, it only really warrants its price tag if you have a friend or relative (or an Ad Manager) to play it with. The computer player lacks any real intelligence, even on the hardest level, and so playing Skychase in solitude is likely to end up being a rather mundane affair. [Remark: although the test is marked as for the Atari ST version, this is the Amiga test -- this is noted in Issue 1988/11]
AmigaAmiga Power
[Budget re-release] A real minor league of game. It doesn't achieve much, but it satisfies when there's nothing else to do.
AmigaASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Mehr Spaß macht‘s also nur mit einem Mitspieler, denn dann kann man sich heiße Fights über den Wolken liefern, die ein bissel spannender sind. Schade nur, daß auch bei dieser Spielweise die Möglichkeiten des Programms bald ausgereizt sind, denn schon nach einigen Spielen macht sich bemerkbar, daß die Motivation aufgrund des simplen Spielprinzips doch ziemlich bergab geht. Wenn ich mir dann überlege, daß der Spielefan für dieses Programm ca. 75 Märker hinblättern soll, kann ich vom Kauf eigentlich nur abraten. Für ein Low Budget Spiel wäre SKYCHASE ein würdiger Vertreter, so aber kann man IMAGE WORKS nur wünschen, daß das Image mit besseren Produkten noch kräftig aufpoliert wird, denn ansonsten sollte man das Label lieber umtaufen...
AmigaPower Play
Das beste an Skychase ist die flotte Grafik. Das Programm wird aber schnell langweilig; vor allem, wenn man gegen den Computer spielt. Wenn sich zwei etwa gleichstarke Spieler bekämpfen, kommt trotz des simplen Ablaufs wesentlich mehr Stimmung auf.
AmigaAmiga Games
Die Flug- und Kampfsituationen sind allesamt ziemlich fade und hinken dem heute üblichen Niveau ähnlicher Spiele meilenweit hinterher Der Sound? Strecken Sie Ihren Kopf in die Badewanne während im Nebenzimmer der Volksempfänger dudelt. Der Effekt ist sehr ähnlich.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
A very major flaw is the computer opponent - it's pathetic. The easy level is a pushover... and so is Ace! Its tactics never vary, and it soon becomes very predictable. The potential for a brilliant 16-bit combat simulator is there, but unfortunately Sky Chase hasn't realised it.