Advertising Blurbs

Atari Australia website (for Xbox):

    Slam Tennis goes where no tennis game has gone before. This is liquid tennis with attitude. A game that recreates then amplifies the excitement, atmosphere and challenge of modern professional tennis. In Slam tennis overcoming your opponent is only part of the challenge.

  • 16 unique Tennis players: including Kafelnikov, Moya, Henman, Vinciguerra, Norman, Ferrero, Clement and plenty of fantasy players. Each with their own style of plays, strengths, weaknesses and favoured shot.
  • 11 detailed Tennis arenas: including 4 massive major arenas and 4 special ones in fun locations
  • Be instantly competitive: pull off every shot in the book and more. Each shot is performed with outstanding visual details, ultra realistic technique, and liquid rhythm.
  • 4 fun Tennis sub games: take a break from conventional tennis with 4 insane fun challenge games and tons of cool rewards to unlock
  • 1 to 4 multiplayer modes

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on May 05, 2004.