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Slave Zero

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The eternal quest for a cool Giant Robot game continues Windows Zovni (9321)
Buy it cheap and waste an afternoon or two. Dreamcast KFactor (74)

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 8 3.1
Windows 11 3.5
Combined User Score 19 3.4

Critic Reviews

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WindowsGame Vortex
Slave Zero is a great game, marred only by its sometimes laughable difficulty level. If you’re into this kind of thing -- and who isn’t into wholesale slaughter of innocent, err, I mean, sentinels? -- you should pick it up. You won’t regret it for a minute.
WindowsPower Unlimited
Slave Zero speelt als een doordenderende achtbaan van knallende aktie waarbij je een pompende adrenaline rush krijgt. Helaas is Slave Zero af en toe erg chaotisch en onoverzichtelijk. het gevoel voor schaal is daarentegen weer zeer strak gedaan. De hardcore gamer weet genoeg...
DreamcastThe Next Level
In closing, what can I say about Slave Zero? It's not Quake, but it's not Turok either. This is an action game, through and through, dedicated to visceral, adrenaline, heart-pumping thrills. It hearkens back to the glory days when blasting indiscriminately was cool, and depth wasn't a factor. Most times these days, your left in front of your monitor, thinking "wtf am I supposed to do now", or "where do I go from here." Not so with SZ. You just point and shoot. Mow down any sorry mother that has the balls to get in the path of your crosshairs. What a novel idea. What a kick ass game!
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer
Det som sänker Slave Zero är att det inte presenterar några nyheter under spelets gång. Efter ett visst antal uppdrag känns allt som en enda lång upprepning. Snabb och simpel action är alltid välkommet. Det känns skönt att kunna sätta sig ner några timmar och känna sig som barn på nytt, men i slutändan blir det alltför enformigt. Frågan är om spelet skulle bli mycket bättre om det fanns mer avancerade funktioner, då det är enkelheten som är tjusningen. Mer omväxlande miljöer, fiender, vapen och uppdrag hade dock inte skadat.
Бег по туннелям, война на улицах и сражения на вопиюще открытых пространствах в духе MDK не могут быть равноценны. SZ не хватает единства, его мир собран из самых разнородных, не подогнанных друг к другу деталей. Беспорядок и городская двусторонняя бездна - вещи злые, несовместимые. Гармония аниме такого не терпит - и Slave Zero не станет культовой игрой, как "Шого". Помнится, некая Revolution Software умудрилась выразить ту же самую безысходность одной пугающе простой фразой "Beneath a steel sky". Пример единого стиля и чёткого взаимодействия.
WindowsMaxim Magazine
There blows the neighborhood: Slave Zero puts you in control of a hijacked 60-foot biomechanical war machine geared to overthrowing SovKahn, an evil dictator who rules futuristic city S1-9 with an iron fist and a buttload of robots. Equipped with rocket launchers and machine guns, you must destroy power plants, hovercraft, skyscrapers, basically any damned thing that gets in your way (which, let’s face it, is pretty good work if you can get it). And if pesky pedestrians get underfoot, just give a mighty stomp and hear them squeal and squish. Hey, we just said it’s a revolution — we didn’t say it was a nice friendly revolution.
All in all, Slave Zero is a quality title -- and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a solid single-player experience, and it's a shame they couldn't find a way to include multiplayer support. Everybody needs a title in their library that they can just pick up, jump right in, and hit the street shooting. Slave Zero is one of those games, and it's worth the purchase for that alone. Consider it the Steven Seagal film of action games; it may not be the deepest and most plot driven title ("Please... I'm just a cook"), but they both have sensational action ¿- and that's what counts in an action title.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
Overall, Slave Zero is an excellent game that will offer hours of enjoyment and fast-paced action. If you like fast paced action with a mixture of strategy, then Slave Zero is definitely a "thumbs up."
WindowsPower Play
Wer an den Verwüstungsexzessen in Monoliths „Shogo — Mobile Armor Division“ Gefallen gefunden hat, kann bei „Slave Zero“ seiner Zerstörungswut abermals hemmungslos freien Lauf lassen. Die Ballerorgie bietet eine reizvolle Optik sowie einen gelungenen, technoiden Soundtrack, der das martialische Geschehen passend untermalt. Auf Dauer allerdings wird das strikt lineare Gameplay mangels abwechslungreicher Missionen dann aber doch etwas eintönig.
WindowsGame Revolution
Its design is simple, its action is repetitive but satisfying, and its experience is quasi-original and invigorating. First-person shooters are a dime-a-dozen, but Slave Zero is a little different. Doom, Shogo: MAD, and almost any arcade shooter you can think of may come to mind, but in the end the only thing that actually makes you think you've already played Slave Zero are old Transformer and Macross cartoons.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Optisch lässt die Nullnummer unter den Sklaven eher zu wünschen übrig. Die Gegner beschränken sich größtenteils darauf, blöd herumzustehen und auf den Tod zu warten. Dies alles trübt die Freude nur begrenzt. Denn wild ballernd Häuserblöcke in Bauschutt zu verwandeln, vermittelt das Gefühl: Ich bin mächtig, ich bin gigantisch und wer sich mit mir anlegen will, braucht mindestens Mittelstreckenraketen. Der passende Industrialsound tut das übrige. So muss sich Godzilla gefühlt haben.
WindowsGame Over Online
Slave Zero has some of the features that are needed to be recognized in this heavily saturated genre of PC gaming. Distinct graphics, variety of weapons and enemies and a futuristic urban anime-stylized setting provide the core of where Slave Zero goes right. Lack of plot development, no multiplay features and poor replay really hurt an otherwise worthy competitor.
So bear with it. It starts slow, but Slave Zero builds into a pretty strong shooter that's worth checking out for its guns, bosses, and multiplayer mode. Hopefully Infogrames will produce a sequel that brings more variety to the single-player game, incorporates the Dreamcast's net play abilities, and expands the multiplayer matches even further.
If you like great control, gorgeous graphics, incredible level design, and an overall experience that leaves you dying for the mission pack, Slave Zero's probably not your cup of tea. If you like blowing things up, and don't mind putting up with a good bit of mediocrity in order to blow things up, then it's probably worth picking up.
DreamcastAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Regardless of the overall harsh tone of this review, Slave Zero wasn’t an unworthy diversion by any means. Its fascinating subject material, beautiful visuals, and memorable boss encounters alone make it worth a look. Repetitive, linear gameplay tends to be a curse that hangs over the bulk of the levels, but it doesn’t permeate every nook and cranny. The bottom line is that Slave Zero is an average action title at best, liable to take an unfair share of punishment due to its inability to live up to the hype that surrounded its launch. Still, you know what they say, the bigger they are…
DreamcastAll Game Guide
Overall, Slave Zero has its flaws, but turns out to be a fun game. If you have any interest in giant robot games, check this one out. It provides some rather intense gameplay and very clean graphics. It might take a while to master the controls, but it's worth it the first time an unsuspecting friend sits down to play and you run circles around him in the Deathmatch.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Итак, каков же будет вердикт строгого жюри? Хорошая идея и необычный герой, заставляющий взглянуть на город с новых высот, явным образом сожительствуют с не самой добротной графикой уровней, но красивыми фигурами роботов и плавной их анимацией. Боюсь, что отрицательные моменты все же перевешивают положительные и не дают игре получить высокий рейтинг. С другой стороны, уважения заслуживает приверженность канонам жанра. Кристальной чистоты шутер, без всяких там заморочек, присущих Ларисе Ивановне. Поэтому и сравнить, по большому счету, не с чем. Кстати, особым преимуществом наделены владельцы EAX или A3D совместимых карт, TNT2 и Matrox G400, на которые ориентирована игра. Но право же, это слабое утешение.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Somehow I have the feeling that the pressure of meeting the Christmas release deadline had something to do with the significant deficiencies in the gameplay, especially the omission of the multiplayer option and the lack of diversity in mission play. When I started playing the release version of Slave Zero, as my colleagues here at the Adrenaline Vault will attest, I thought it would be my favorite title of the year. But after having slogged all the way through, I discovered to my chagrin that it cannot quite make it to the top of my heap. Those who demand a story that controls the action, subtle strategy, robust character development, or sharply divergent quests should stay far away from this one. Nonetheless, I really find myself consumed by the endless fight to save the city, and there is no title this holiday season that comes close to giving me a fun sense of truly slimy urban combat.
Monotonie dans les niveaux qui se ressent du fait du peu de profondeur du jeu. Les niveaux demandent des réflexes et du sang froid car les vagues d'ennemis sont colossales et le bouton de votre souris va prendre un sacré coup de vieux même si le jeu se finit relativement vite. On tire en permanence pendant les 16 niveaux et les armes nombreuses ainsi que les munitions sont légions un peu partout dans les levels.
DreamcastVideo Games
Fesselnde Single-Player-Balleraction und gute Story hin, cooles Waffenarsenal und unkomplizierte Steuerung her, es ist jammerschade, aber wahr: Slave Zero scheitert in erster Linie an seiner technisch unterdurchschnittlichen Umsetzung - wo bleiben die 60 Frames eines Soul Reaver und was in Gottes Namen hat Accolade dazu bewegt, die fetzige Musik zu streichen. Nehmt ihr diese schwerwiegenden Mankos in Kauf, bleibt unterm Strich ein interessanter Shooter, den ihr durchaus mal probespielen solltet.

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I was looking forward to this game and would have to say that I was ultimately disappointed. While it is not a terrible game, it could have been so much better than it was. If you are looking for a good multiplayer game, I suggest you keep waiting. This could have been a cool game to play multiplayer if you played from the first person perspective too. You will probably tire of the single player missions after about mission four or five so I suggest a rental at best.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Van al de beloftes die ons met de preview gedaan werden blijft nog weinig of niets overeind. Aan alle robotfans (zoals ikzelf) geef ik dus een goeie raad: haal die gouwe ouwe Shogo Mobile Armor Devision nog eens uit de kast, blaas het stof eraf en laat deze Slave Zero links liggen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Slave Zero erinnert optisch entfernt an Tomb Raider und Konsorten, beschränkt sich allerdings fast ausschließlich auf Ballerei; Rätselknacker sind hier unterfordert. Sie rennen und hüpfen durch die Straßenschluchten und schalten Horden von Bösewichten aus. Am Ende einiger Levels erwarten Sie besonders mächtige Bossgegner.
DreamcastEurogamer.net (UK)
If you're a PC owner, then you probably shouldn't bother with Slave Zero on the Dremacast. If you're a Dreamcast owner who has been waiting and waiting for first person shooters to come to the system, give it a try, but don't be too upset if it doesn't get all your dogs barking. To be honest, you might be best to wait for another first person shooter to get converted to the Dreamcast. That said, the game is enjoyable to a point, and I wouldn't say that it's a bad game on the whole, just a good game with negative points. Still, on a system like the Dreamcast, you shouldn't have to put up with mediocrity.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
With ZERO’s very impressive graphics engine and sound, and its interesting initial concept, it had the potential of being one of the Great Ones. And if you’re pining for an old-school blast-and-laugh shooter, then this one will certainly entertain. But its overly linear and tedious gameplay, lack of multiplayer support, and the missing X factor keep this one from being all it might have been.
Windowsincite PC Gaming
While the single player game is fun, this game comes up a bit flat. Plus, we want multiplayer, dammit!
WindowsAll Game Guide
The more you play Slave Zero, the less appealing it is. After those magical first moments, the action dissolves into a never-ending pattern: move into area, blow up all the robots, pick up the power-ups, repeat. The plot never lives up to the promise set forth in the back-story; soon, you could not care less about Chan, the Guardians and all the poor critters dying on the polluted landscape, which you never get to see anyway. You can come pretty close to experiencing Slave Zero to its fullest -- for free -- by playing the demo thirty times. If you get tired of it, just think of the money you saved.
Slave Zero zehrt sehr von der Faszination des Elefant-im-Porzellanladen-Faktors. Es macht einfach Spaß, wie Godzilla durch eine belebte Stadt zu wüten. Nach dem 138-ten zerstampften Twingo ruft die ewig gleiche Kollateralschaden-Orgie aber nur noch ein müdes Zucken im linken Maustasten-Finger hervor. Was dann bleibt, ist spielerisch und grafisch unteres Mittelmaß.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Von wegen, Riesenroboter trampelt durch Großstadt - am Bildschirm sehe ich doch ganz deutlich, wie eine Plastikfigur durch ziemlich mickrige Polygon-Fassaden marschiert! Mir fehlt schlicht der "Rumms"-Faktor, wenn ich Mini-Hubis vom Himmel hole oder winzige Autos in Metallkügelchen verwandle; das verwandte Shogo hat das besser hingekriegt. Ansonsten gibt sich Slave Zero als müdes Actionspiel, ohne echte Macken zu offenbaren: Warten Sie ruhig ab, bis es in einer Compilation auftaucht.
Posiblemente de cada cien usuarios que hayan probado Slave Zero, sesenta lo hayan dejado nada más ver su "asombrosa" fluidez, otros treinta al llegar a los niveles donde el control comienza a generar severos problemas y los diez restantes se hayan ganado la categoría de héroe recorriéndoselo de cabo a rabo. Realmente uno de los títulos más desafortunados que vio Dreamcast en los primeros meses de su andadura occidental.
DreamcastPower Unlimited
Slave Zero op de Dreamcast is slordig afgewerkt en erg mager vergeleken met de PC-versie. Slave Zero zelf is nog steeds erg cool, maar de inkakkende framerate en vele schoonheidsfoutjes zijn onvergevelijk. Haal dat Slave maar weg en wat hou je dan over? Juist!
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
The gameplay is shallow but amusing if you like to destroy things. Innovative controls make it easy to strafe and aim precisely, and excellent sound effects include a female radio voice that provides status updates and instructions. Slave Zero is no classic, but it's a not a bad deal if you can pick it up cheap.
8, ce n’est pas très sévère. Les développeurs ont dû oublié qu’ils étaient sur Dreamcast ! C’est laid et lent, et la jouabilité est des plus douteuses. A éviter.
Leave Slave Zero on the shelf, this one has more problems than Windows 3.0.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
You know a game is bad when playing it seems like a chore. Slave Zero is one of those games. There's just so much wrong with the game that it's hard to even recommend it as a rental. And that's a shame since I was looking forward to this game and the concept really had potential. Oh well.
DreamcastSuper Play (Sweden)
Det är något som inte står rätt till, och det handlar varken om stora robotar, rymdskepp, lsaervapen eller högteknologiska städer. Det gäller spelbranschen där vissa inte riktigt har förstått de grundläggande värderingarna och hur man gör ett bra spel. Vart tog passionen vägen?
Slave Zero is a definite disappointment. What we saw over the course of the last few months was a game that had some promise, but the end product turned out to be a game that had "R - U - S - H - E - D" written all over it. We don't think this is the game the developers had in mind when they started on it. Multiplayer didn't make it into the retail version, the single player campaign was numbingly repetitive and too short, EAX froze our systems, and we weren't able to beat the final boss because of a careless oversight.