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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Hong Kong police executing a sting operation.
Getting familiar with the controls.
Taking out the police officer... in a carefully harmless manner.
Looks like the end of the line.
Busted... but wait, you are in fact an undercover cop.
You can freely rotate the camera, though while moving it will try to self-center towards the view from the back.
That's called an uppercut.
The fight enters slow-motion when the final attacker is about to eat the dust.
Learning how to guard yourself and perform a counter-punch.
You need to build your reputation, and that means kicking a lot of low-life goons until you get recognized enough to enter higher circles of Hong Kong's crime syndicate.
You can buy energy drinks which will temporarily increase your strength and resilience.
Starting at the bottom means collecting protection money from the shop owners.
Environmental take-down.
You can change your outfit in your apartment which will consist of all the purchased and collected clothes.
Accessing Hong Kong police computer.
Utilizing city cameras to spy on gangs and issue warrants for arrest when drug smuggling and such is in progress.
Wei will meet a lot of girls in Hong Kong, most of which can be wooed.
Check the garage near your house to access your vehicles.
While driving someone, bumping in the traffic too often may drive them away, so drive safe.
Map of Hong Kong.
Green light spot marks the key mission events.
Welcome to martial arts school.
Learning new moves.
Currently attacking enemy is marked in red which leaves you a small window of opportunity for a counter-strike.
All vehicles get visible damage if you're driving recklessly.
There are various stores around the town, some may be opened at different time of day.
Game rewards you for clean driving at high speed without bumping into anything.
Loading screens provide basic gameplay tips.
As you rise is ranks, you will move to more luxurious apartments.
As in GTA games, you can hijack any vehicle you can find.
Pray at shrines around the town to increase your maximum health.
When entering a brawl, don't exit the car until you have to.
Each bust location has a limited number of thugs you must take down before the mission is a success, and leaving the area will just reset it.
Dying will re-spawn you at the nearest hospital and take the money for your treatment.
Locked cars are just as easy pick for Wei as unlocked ones.
Watch out for enemies carrying weapons, as they will quickly cut down your health.
There are various upgrades you can do, but only after you earn enough points by performing specific type of missions.
You can pick up enemy weapons and use them to your advantage.

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Loading Screen
You can bet in cock fights.
Participating in the street race. Victory grants face XP.
Visiting health shrines grants permanent health boost, 100% max.
Certain game records, like clean drive time, are tracked across players and displayed in global leaderboards.
Triangulating a phone location, one of the numerous mini games.
Every pursuit tries to surprise the player with something cool.
An environmental finishing move, but not the most gruesome.
The game doesn't hold back in depicting fights.
If you encounter an armed enemy, take the weapon. Without it, you won't survive for long.
Triad level up
You've got a choice between two upgrades at each new level (but you can get them all eventually)
Hacking a security camera with smartphone
From your apartment you can track and arrest smugglers through hacked cameras
Night out with one of the girls
Through the roof
Karaoke, singing a song by Clash
Dire situation for Wei Shen
You can buy all you ever need in the street market. Cheap price, best quality!
Getting some food for health regen boost
A collectible case
The game really has a vibe of a busy Asian city
A portion of a map
A deadly finishing move
Shooting gas cylinders results in explosion
Hijacking a police car
Off you go!
Wei Shen and a superior officer at HKPD have some tense dialogue
Full body massage? OK, I'm in!
Practicing new moves at the martial arts school
Wei Shen and Mrs. Chu
A game of mahjong poker
A ceremony that went awfully wrong
Shootout at the night club
Certain actions, like jumping on a ramp, will get you into slow-mo
Havoc, devastation and a goofy Asian outfit - that's Sleeping Dogs
Lock picking
Hey, do you think it's safe to go out in this outfit?
Hospital massacre
Sorry pedestrians, I didn't mean it, but I'm on a side mission!
The shooting part uses cover-based mechanic
Grenade launcher
Kicking asses with some advanced fighting moves
Wei Shen is unstoppable
Changing outfit
Fast cars, high speed...
That's just brutal (there's a circular saw over there).

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