Sleepwalker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Part of the introduction
Watch out for that ledge!
The training level gives you some guidance
Creating a bridge
Prevent Lee from walking into the water
Lookout, traffic!
There's lots of dangers at the zoo
Filling in the gaps in a collapsed bridge
The end of level screen

Amiga CD32 version

Main menu
Introduction scene 1
Introduction 2
Game start
The boy died

Atari ST version

Title screen
It's night and everyone is sleeping
The starting point
This is not good...
Poor boy, he can walk in his sleep but not swim
You're not going into that hole again

Commodore 64 version

The Beginning
Stay away from this guy
Sleepyhead knocked himself out
Don't let Sleepyhead come in contact with water
Sleepyhead goes to heaven
Using a barrel to get across water
Look out!!
"I lost him"
The dog is charcoaled by steam
Using your arms to help Sleepyhead get across
Sleepyhead fell off the ledge and cries
Stay away from this guy too

DOS version

Title screen
Part of the introduction
The training level tells you which way to go
No Lee, the other way!!
About to go tightrope walking...
Don't go near that fire hydrant!
A mean bouncer!
The map of the first level
First level complete. Hmm, guess I wasn't very funny...
Now off to the zoo...
Watch out for deadly jumping fish!
Forming a bridge
Game over...Continue?