Sly Spy: Secret Agent Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
Free falling and shooting terrorists at the same time... Another typical day in the life of a secret agent.
Parachuting down to Washington, DC.
Fighting terrorists thugs at the Lincoln Memorial.
On a motorcycle... Watch out for the terrorists!
On a dock.
Climbing a ladder.
On a zip line.
A Jaws like boss.
Watch out for the shark!
On a conveyor belt.
Getting info from a rescued young lady.
In a cave.
A sub! (The underwater vehicle, not the sandwich!)
Watch out for sharks and landmines!
An underwater boss battle.
Under some pipes.
A big missile!
Lots of enemies guard the missile.
Mr. Big, I presume?

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
High scores
Story screen
Fight of terrorists while falling
Guess he's not British
Second stage
Motorcycle chase
The people in the car have much heavier weapons.
At the harbour
Boss fight
He doesn't even flinch with foot rammed up his...
*sing* We all live in a yellow diving suit ... *sing*
If he can't help but coming by a luxury car, then why can't even wear a jacket!?
Fighting a conveyor belts
Hmm, guess it should save her.
They did even bring a whole bunch of tigers to keep things interesting!
In a cave
The boss with the deadly hat
The number of sharks you kill in this game will earn you a special entry on Greenpeace' black list.
This guy again!

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Mission.
Shot the man.
Made it safely.
Shoot him.
Fighting in front of Lincoln's Memorial.
Next Stage.
Shooting bikers.
Pulling a wheelie to shoot up.
Take him out.
Onto the harbour.
Nice car.
On the boat.
Rip-Line across.
Look Familiar?
Time for a swim.
Shoot divers and sharks.
Getting hectic.
Avoid the claw.
Kill the shark.
Shooting at a warehouse now.
Shoot the big guys.
Avoid those weights.
Rescue the girl.
Storage entrance.
More soldiers.
Going deeper down.
Huge submarine.
Another Bond baddy.
Another swim.
Underground entrance.
Kill him once and for all.
Headquarters. Nearly mission completed.
Going further into H.Q.
Bottom of the missile.
Getting higher.
Nearly there.

Atari ST version

Surely Martini is a drug?
Intro screen
Briefing for level 1
Poor bird flies up in the air, never getting anywhere
Trying to fly away might've been your first mistake
Parachuting to safety
Level 2 is more traditional in style
If I had 2 faces, would I wear this one?
Lots of firepower here
Fortunately there are 3 continues
When America does this, it's heroic. When someone else does, it's barbaric
On your bike
Can't get the bike that way
Another continue gone
End of level carnage
The black Sedan, now with red stains
Thanks mate
Close combat
Multi-level platform shooting now
Like James Bond, he's a ladder the world
Down I go
High scores
Underwater level.
Watch out for mines!
Fight against a giant shark.
Next stop: The Warehouse.
Inside the warehouse.
Rescued a cute chick James Bond style... Now she has some info for me.
A sub.
Upgraded my gun - you better watch out terrorists!
Boss battle - avoid the guy's hat.
Underwater again - avoid the traps.
Underwater boss.
An attack dog.
Under some pipes.
A missile.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Title and credits
Beginning the mission
Under attack in mid-air
Dodge the barrel
In front of the Lincoln Memorial
On a bike
Dodging a missile
Collect clocks to gain time
On a boat
Kicking a boss
Underwater level
Destroy the mines to clear the way
A large shark
Another platforming level
On a conveyor belt
Holding on to a hook
Boss-fight against a tiger
In the mountains
An enemy is throwing grenades
Another homage to James Bond
Another under water level
Boss-fight against a big diver
Dogs are fast and dangerous

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu
Call me 014
Game start
High scores