Smash Hit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu
The game modes (most of them locked in the Free version)
Statistics, unavailable in the Free game
A "multiball" bonus allows us to toss two balls at once.
Beginning of the game, with tutorial-like messages.
You should toss a ball at this blue circle to open the door. The white section of the ball counter at the top means we just smashed a crystal and got 3 balls.
A thin barrier blocks our way (or used to.) The thin white line at the top shows how far we're along the way to the next checkpoint.
The game uses shaders to make its glass and crystal look realistic.
The bonus colors our screen green as long as it is active.
The game educates us in the use of a newly-activated powerup.
We're entering Helix Crystal Zone.
Some of these pretty helixes are in our way.
Now breaking the hanging, thick slabs of glass out of our way.
The game uses checkpoints, but in the free version they're only for show. We're now entering a section where glass barriers move more erratically.
In this area, giant glass panes suddenly rise up from the ground.
We're out of balls, but we've set a new record.
Just to rub it in: once you click "not now", you can see yourself rapidly rewinding backwards all the way to the beginning.