Smash Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Main menu. The game comes in a number of languages and sets itself to the user's language, in this case Polish.
In-game upgrade shop
Tips (in English)
Level 1, a Space Invaders reference
Brick-breaking in progress.
The glue powerup freezes the ball when it hits the paddle, and allows you to shoot it out at any time.
End of level, and we receive a rating between 1 and 3 stars.
The effects of the "Fire" powerup. The ball smashes right through all the bricks, and the space-like background zooms out.
The missile powerup. The paddle shoots missiles automatically.
Level selection screen.
The Arcade mode, with blocks constantly appearing at the top.
Several balls bouncing around, thanks to multi-ball powerups.
Game over - no more lives. Here, have an in-game ad for your trouble.
An "M" point falling down to get grabbed.
Another alien-themed brick layout.
A blatant shout-out to Minecraft.
Later levels have more of the sturdy bricks that require several shots, and often have unbreakable gray bricks to make the playfield more awkward.
Space Invaders strike back on level 3-20.