Smoke'em Poker Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The game starts by asking the player if they want to adjust the settings, resume an old game, or start a new one. It then displays the game area ready to play.
The first hand has been dealt. Betting starts with the AI player on the player's left. Now it is the player's turn to bet
The first round of betting has completed and four of the AI opponents have folded. Now it's the player's turn to draw
The first hand is over and the human player lost. The player must click on the 'Deal' button to get the next hand
A couple of hands into the game and it's the player's turn to bet. Only three bets are possible, these are the default values which can be changed in the game's configuration settings
The game has good documentation which is accessed via the menu bar. It opens in a new window.
The game configuration options are offered at the start of the game and can also be accessed via the menu bar. This is the screen where the AI opponents can be configured
When the player is dealt their hand they can check the odds on the kind hand they can expect to make. This opens in a small window that floats over the game area
The game's statistics screen showing the frequency with which hands occur and how often they won