Race around five unique massive levels transporting various contrabands all the while avoiding police and other smugglers.

You are a smuggler working for Frank Luger who's company will transport anything anywhere. (Except drugs, kids, say no to drugs.) There are over 175 different missions with dozens of different objectives from a simple race to destroying a target to transporting 15 different contraband in less than 20 minutes.

There are also 5 different styles of multiplayer gaming.

Contributed by KFactor (98) on Jul 22, 2003.

Immerse yourself in several real world locations as a professional smuggler. Moving some contraband may seem easy, however add local law enforcement, the federal government, the army, other local gangs, and even planes that drop bombs in your path and you've got an all fight for survival. Select one of several vehicles each with their own counter attack. Make use of smoke screens, mines, oil slicks and speed boosts to accomplish your missions.

Contributed by OFoglada (168) on Jun 21, 2002.