Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory Screenshots

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Vehicle Selection
Helicopter Dropoff
Night Vision
Eastern Europe
The Russian Winter

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Main menu
Missions will sometimes be accompanied by a short storyline clip.
Your mission is to acquire the contraband and deliver it the designated drop off points.
Although missions are usually set on picking up and delivering items, some missions will have different objectives, such as knocking out radio towers.
The police are extremely annoying and will do anything to get you to stop.
Vehicles are equipped with various defense mechanisms, such as planting a bomb.
This vehicle's defense mechanism is a sudden burst of speed which propels the machine forward.
Laying a smokescreen is another way to try and ward off the police.
Activate! — That's an unnecessary way of saying "go".
Make sure you land properly or else a stalled engine will be on your hands.
Pick up the contraband!
This mission is done at the dark of night.
It may be hard to see things, but rely on the arrow to point in the correct direction.
In the Turf Wars game Crooks N' Smugglers, your team must acquire all the goods before the other team and before time runs out.
You are able to snag contraband from opponents vehicles by running into them.
This helicopter is going to pick up the contraband you drop off.
It seems your opponents are better than your team, so you have to rely on yourself to get things done.
In the Turf Wars game Loot Grab, your team must grab the loot before the other team, but now there is only one loot item at a time.
In the Turf Wars game Bomb Tag, you are on your own to get as much loot as possible. But don't get a bomb.
If a bomb is acquired, this happens.
Checkpoint Races are races against other vehicles.
A rainy Russian day leaves poor visibility.
Russia in the day time is much better.
Looks like the water was just a bit too deep.
Choo choo!
A view of Vietnam
Joyridin' gives much needed time to drive around uninterrupted.
Russia in the Winter makes for a slippery ride.
On top of the world

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  • Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory Screenshot
  • Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory Screenshot