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Title Screen
Let's play a new game!
It's just a piece of cake!
Is that a baby smurf?
Baby Smurf loves rattles!
Did you know that Baby Smurf loves baby bottles?
I'm getting water from the well!
I've just planted a flower with well water!
Are you like Harmony Smurf?
The game starts with a short animated introduction showing how Smurf babies arrive. Is this the Smurf equivalent of sex education?
So once the baby has arrived daddy smurf runs off to smurf him some food. These seven short levels play as a kind of tutorial
Each level starts with a different load screen. The artists who created these get a special mention in the game's credits. take a bow Guilhem Beg and Angelique Cesano
Daddy Smurf can jump but bouncing on a mushroom gives much more height
Daddy Smurf cannot fly but at various points there are fans he can use that give the same effect. Swapping to the right one at the right time also gives him great height
Each level ends by entering a cave
Pressing square near an object like this stone can trigger an action. Here Daddy Smurf carves a heart for his lady love
In Smurfland presents are actually bombs. In order to progress Daddy Smurf must kill the monsters
There are traps, like these spikes, to be negotiated. At such places it is often possible to swing across the gap