ActRaiser 2 Ad Blurbs (SNES)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - SNES (Germany):
    Le Destructeur est de retour...Des graphismes stupéfiants, une musique envoûtante, de l'aventure 100% action dans un univers de goules et de furies! Plongez dans le rêve...ou le cauchemar!!

    The Destroyer is back...Amazing graphics, spellbinding music, 100% action adventure, all taking place in a universe of ghouls and furies! Dive into the dream...or the nightmare!!

    Der Zerstörer kehrt zurück...Faszinierende Graphics, magische Musik, ein Action-Abenteuer aus der Welt der Monster! Eine Traumwelt...oder ist es ein Alptraum!!

    De verwoester is terug...Verbazingwekkende beelden, een betoverende muziek van 100% adventuur, actie in het rijk van vampiers en hellevegen! Duik in de droom...of the nachtmerrie!

    Torna il distruttore...Graphica stupenda, musica incantevole, avventura e azione 100%, tutto quanto in mezzo ad un mondo di ghul e di furie! Si immerge nel sogno o l'incubo!!

    El destructor vuelve de nuevo...Graficos extraordinaros, musica que hechiza, una gran aventura y 100% de acción, en un universo de gules y de furias! Sumérjase en el sueño o en una pesadila!!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on Mar 16, 2010.

Back Cover - SNES:


    Every once in awhile a game comes out that is so good, people can't stop talking about it - a game that seems to rise above the others. ACTRAISER for the SNES was that game. We don't need to remind you of how good the graphics were. We don't have to tell you about the music. We could have just sat back and been satisfied with the recognition it's received. Instead, we decided to make something even better: ACTRAISER 2! We've improved the graphics, improved the sound and created a game we're confident will once again set the standard for all SNES games.

    HE'S BACK!

    The most feared demons of all time have combined their power and raised the Lord of Evil, TANZRA. Now alive, TANZRA's hatred for you runs eternal. Vowing revenge, he has sent his demons to attack your people and destroy everything! You must put an end to this once and for all. This time however, it won't be easy!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Oct 27, 2003.