ActRaiser 2 Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Japanese Title Screen
Moving around the world map
Whole world
Demo playing
Demo boss
The foliage is just beautiful!
A mid-boss
The first boss
The graphics are among the best on the SNES
Another boss-fight
A giant spider
Enemies, enemies, enemies!
Devote - a city underwater whose inhabitants have been turned to stone
Using a spell against a mid-boss
Gratis - a prison
The ice palace
Inside the ice palace
There's never a shortage of enemies ...
Mechanical enemy in the Tower of Souls
Entering Death Heim
So begins the final gauntlet of 8 bosses in a row. But at least you can shoot projectiles now
This fight with the final boss from the original ActRaiser is only accessible via password. It's also extra challenging.
A sketch of development team