ActRaiser Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japan)
Title screen (France)
Title screen (Germany)
View from a cloud
Angel / SimCity mode
Dealing with the peasants.
Boss fighting in side-scrolling mode
It's a role-playing game too.
Side-scrolling mode
Dodging a throwing knife.
Boss-fight vs a Minotaur
On a flying platform
These statues usually contain 1-ups or health power-ups.
City building mode - using a lightning spell to destroy the rocks.
Some enemies have relatively complex attack patterns.
Another boss-fight - try to stay below him.
In simulation mode, most of the time is spend shooting demons.
You sometimes need to go back and forth between countries and use key-items.
Deadly spikes and moving platforms
This boss isn't much of a challenge - until he turns into a werewolf and goes wild.
Desert stage
The quicksand constantly pulls you down in this boss-fight.
The people are unhappy - maybe a little music from another country cab cheer them up.
Jungle stage
Boss-fight against a huge plant
Inside the pyramid
Large statues
A boss is preparing an attack.