Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Credits (SNES)

Aero the Acro-Bat 2 SNES Title


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Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Credits


Created and Produced byDavid Siller
Directed byNigel Cook, Carl Wade
Design byNigel Cook
Team LeaderCarl Wade
ProgrammerRichard Cowie, Carl Wade
Additional ProgrammingIguana UK
Project ManagerJay Moon
Creative DirectorNigel Cook
Art DirectorMatt Stubbington
Technical DirectorCraig Galley
Executive ProducerJeff Spangenberg
Lead ArtistsJonathan Casco, Michael McCallion
ArtistsAdrian Ludley, Gregg Hargrove, Patrick Thomas, Adam McCarthy
Additional ArtWilliam B. Yeatts, Matt Stubbington
Music CoordinatorsJay Moon, Darrin Stubbington
Music and Sound EffectsFox Productions
Sunsoft Art DirectorMario Zavala
Technical ManagerAl Artus
Consumer Product ManagerSteve Gehrke
Marketing DirectorKaren Shadley
ChairmanMasami Maeda
Vice ChairmanTad Shimamoto
Director Sunsoft JapanKiharu Yoshida
International CoordinatorKenji Yoshioka
Game Test ManagerSam Patel
Game TestingMike Spangenberg, Steve Rizor, Daniel Rizor, Ryan Siller, Matthew Ross, Dan MacArthur, Steve Gehrke, René Boutin, Justin Siller
Game ManualAlison Quirion
Executive AssistantNanette Hyssong
Customer Service and CreditKazuko Harman, June Eckert, Julie Williams, Jamie Jorgenson, Erin Berry, Connie Perez, Jaupale Laster
Sunsoft Thanks ToBruce Reilly, Cathy Juby, Toko Okano, Darin Horgan, John Davis, Karen Lillie, Sherry Ross, Akito Takeuchi, Kazuaki Gotō, Masato Kawai
Very Special ThanksDebra Siller
In Memory OfAyrton Senna
Iguana Thanks ToStephen Broumley, Pete Suarez, Beth Spangenberg, Tammy Mullins, Jane Notgrass, John Lowe, Marcie D. Beck, Kylie Minogue

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (60835)