Alien Vs. Predator Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Kicking the annoying face suckers.
Confronting the annoyance.
Sent him flyin'...
This alien is no match for a Predator's slide!
Uh oh...
Japanese Title
Some nice character art from the opening sequence.
The Predator can a variety of weapons from the movies. The shoulder cannon is quite powerful but it takes time to charge up.
An underground cavern with a waterfall. The Predator is about to throw a disk at an alien.
In addition to the weapons, you can use a number of wrestling moves for close combat. Successfully grabbing an alien allows then to throw or uppercut it.
The sliding kick allows to knock back multiple enemies at once.
Getting surrounded by enemies isn't a particularly good idea.
The character sprite changes depending on the currently selected weapon - in this case, the spear.
Aliens drop weapon pickups, which is a common game mechanic but makes little sense plot-wise.