Alien³ (SNES)

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Written by  :  WildKard (12990)
Written on  :  Dec 09, 2005

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Bad Movie Conversion... Fun Game... Go Figure!

The Good

It's actually a lot of fun. The prison colony looks and feels how it's supposed to, taken from scenes in the movie, although with a lot of air vent passageways and strange platform design. There is a feeling of dimness and darkness around several areas...

Ripley's weapons of Flamethrower/Machine-gun and grenades are surprisingly effective against all sorts of aliens, and yet still limited (making the gameplay a joy). The missions are varied... at least at first and range from repair to explosives to alien carnage and egg hunting. There are several types of unique Alien breeds (including queens) each with their own attack, around 7 altogether.

The Bad

First of all there's the obvious fact that this is a pretty bad licensed title. Quite simply, in Alien3... Ripley had to contend with a SINGLE (that means ONE) alien in an unarmed prison colony. Yet somehow here we have a game where you end up using the combination Flamethrower/Machine-gun weapon from Aliens (the previous movie). How did that happen?

There's also a lot of repetition, especially in the later levels. The reason is this: many of your missions require you to go to a specific area or to pickup and object from a specific area and deliver it someplace else. The thing is that first there are only so many areas, and second, you have to cross areas to get to other areas due to the game's map. What this means is that you might see the Medical Bay 3 level MANY MANY MANY times if it's associated or on the way to mission objectives. And since the Aliens respawn in roughly the same places, you'll be encountering very similar action in these areas.

Also aside from Ripley and the mission computer, there are no other characters in this game. so it does get lonely.

The Bottom Line

it's a fairly enjoyable platforrmer, despite the flaws from it's movie parent... flaws that are also apparent in most other movie-to-videogame licensed titles.