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SNES version

Title screen
Not afraid, eh?
Cosmic events and all that
Throne room. Introducing the nine handsome dudes... I mean Guardians
Many games let you choose your name...
...but less allow you to choose your Zodiac sign, which will influence the events of the game!
Rosalia shows you around. Fair competition
Angelique in her room
Your land. Not very big, isn't it?
Alright. So which Guardian whould we sedu... ehh.. I mean... visit first?
...and I must warn you, Angelique: full body massage won't change my mind. Ahem!.. Unless it's really well done
Okay, I'll explain it to you, but only this once!
Here you can see how you're doing, compared to your competitors
Here you can see how high your chances are with each of the Guardians
Taking a stroll in the garden
Give me all you've got, stud!!.. But not in THAT way, ya know