Arkanoid: Doh It Again Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Paddle-ship Vaus launches!
In case you didn't believe it was a spaceship...
The editor lets you design your own level
Playing my custom level
Arkanoid Action!
A battle rages on in the background while blocks are attacked in the foreground
The L power-up gives Laser Power
The D power-Up Divides your balls... Multiball!
The T power-up creates this protective blue barrier
The E power-up expands the paddle-ship
The M power-up makes a megaball which doesn't stop when it hits a block, unless it's gold.
The snake boss!
This blob creature disappears with the powerball and releases it somewhere else.
Something's fishy here
A messy situation
A big blue level
A difficult maneuver to get those last two blocks
A Butterfly!
Space Invaders!
A Sperm?
The face of DOH.
One form of DOH as a boss...
Another form of DOH as a boss...
A simple but challenging pattern
Falling power-up pellets!
All the gold bricks makes it difficult
Difficult to see, that there are multiballs flying!
Two player versus mode